How do you remove pen marks from walls?

  1. So my kids have ruined my walls with pens, markers, pencils, crayons, you name it. I tried to clean it with Mr. Clean magic eraser but it doesn't work, any suggestions?
  2. Do you have the same paint that your walls were painted with? Repaint the area that has pen on it.
  3. If the magic eraser didn't work then I would say to repaint as well..

    The magic eraser got crayon off of my wall!
  4. No, I don't have the paint. Plus it's way too many places to even begin to repaint and with the fumes and all, it's not practical right now to paint. I was hoping there was some kind of cleaner that took marks off.
  5. Have you tried Goof Off? It's pretty smelly, but it might work. Use it lightly because it's a pretty heavy-duty solvent. You can buy it at hardware stores.
  6. never heard of that, but I'll look for it, thanks.
  7. I hope that works for you! Maybe get your husband to do it while you take the kids out for a day? I would keep them away from the area while you are trying to clean the marks off because the fumes won't be good for little ones.
  8. Use powdered Oxy Clean made into a paste. Appy, let sit for a bit (15 or so minutes) and wash off.

    If it can clean the accidents my 120 pound dog makes, it can clean a wall.

    PS, make the kids help you, that'll show them the consequences to using walls instead of paper. ;)
  9. Try white toothpaste. It took the permanent marker stain (my fault) off completely. Just rub it on with your fingers.
  10. thanks for all the ideas!
  11. o my that white toothpaste work perfect:biggrin:thank you , you donot know how much trouble you save me:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:waww if everything in life work like this
  12. my youngest son went through a faze were he wrote all over every thing that stood still. magic erasers worked for me, but the scrubbing did take some elbow we had that popcorn texture on the walls..i hate that stuff!!

    i hope you find something that gets it off GL!
  13. If your walls are white/off-white, try going over the marks gently with a bleach pen. This worked wonders in getting dark browm hair dye off my bathroom walls. Good luck!
  14. If its on painted walls, I use hairspray, then wipe the wall lightly. If you rup to hard, the paint can come off your wall so be careful!
  15. Put chalkboard paint up! That stuff looks like fun!