How do you protect your handbags? Need advice pretty please!

  1. Hey everyone! I have never used a protectant or conditioner on any of my bags before, and with my recent purchases, I'd really like to do everything possible to take care of these bags. I have never used anything on a bag before and I don't konw what to do. I got a really good suggestion from an ebayer (and i think tpfer) to use wilson's spray conditioner and I just wanted to get some more opinions. Is there something to use to protect leather from heavy rain or scuffs or scratches? Or do conditions just soften the Leather? I don't really want to necessarily make my bags any softer, just want to protect them if possible from stains and scuffs. Also, do you treat glazed leather? Like, RM Glazed Almond Matinee?

    Thank you so much for your opinions!!!
  2. I'm not expert but generally speaking I think there are 3 types of products for leather bags/shoes/etc: cleaner, conditioner, and protectant. Cleaners tend to be harsh and are therefore best left to the experts to use. Conditioners are great if you have, say, an older bag that is drying out or if you want to try to restore shine, and are good to use every so often. Protectant will help repel stains and water and can also be used periodically.

    Certain leathers like nubuck and suede are more finicky and need special attention, but most other leathers can be treated with the products described above. People have had different experiences with different products, although Apple products and LMB (lovingmybags) products both get rave reviews in the Balenciaga subforum. In fact you can read those threads under "Care and Maintenance" which are helpful (and not just for Bal bags).
  3. My new royal MA bag got caught in some rain tonight in NYC... What should I do next?
  4. Thank you so much balihai88 :flowers:
  5. I use Wilson's spray on all the bags I own. It works like a dream protecting them from rain or other mishaps. It has never discoloured any of my bags or changed their texture, and I try to use it about once every 3 months or reapply after a bag gets wet (after it dries, of course). I've not had a bag damaged by rain or get water spots yet.
  6. Thank you for the advice! Would you recommend using it on treated leather too? Like RM's Glazed Almond??
  7. I have the Matinee in Glazed Expresso and the first thing I did when I got home was spray the handbag with a water & stain protector; I use Meltonian (it works very well for both my RM & Botkier bags). The glazed handbags I don't think need to be conditioned, however, I would recommened spraying them with a product that protects them against the rain.
  8. Thank you for your help Mia! :flowers: