How do you pronounce the word couture?

  1. As in juicy couture? I've heard so many people say it different ways.:confused1:
  2. It's French, so to me, it would be coot-churr with little emphasis on the "T"
  3. It is French and pronounced coo-tour.
  4. Coo-tour :smile:

    Some people say Kuh-Tour though
  5. Co-tour

    I love threads like this! Make me laugh so much:p

  6. Ive always said coo-churr so i guess i better start saying coo-tour!
  7. I pronounce it coh-tour
  8. coo-tour
  9. coo-tur
  10. Hello , French´s the "u" sound that´s difficult to explain. Charles´s link is good, or search for youtube video with that word in.
    phonetically [kutyr]
    I think Nola is the closest.
    Otherwise watch ANTM, Tyra keeps saying that word in "Haute Couture"
  11. Yeah, I took 3 years of French in HS, but it's obviously slipping my mind. Pardon the slight mispronunciation. ;)
  12. You can't really pronounce it in french if you speak in english wothout sounding more or less silly, so honestly coo-tour is fine in english/american. However for the french pronounciation, cosult mellecyn's post. If you're doing it like that you should also include the french R and that will sound strange as a part of an english conversation. I guess you could also say [kutyr] with an english r but it doesen't roll off the tongue as easily. It depends on your view on the word and the context. If you're refering to juicy couture which is an american construction, pronouncing it the american way is totally fine.