How do you pronounce GAUFFRE?

  1. Hi, my MIL bought a black Prada Gauffre a few days ago and I love it! How do you pronounce Gauffre though? Thanks!
  2. I think its gow-fray.
  3. Thanks;)
  4. i study french and "au" is pronounced like a short "OH". and also judging by the lack of accent on the end "e," it would not be an "A" sound (but im not sure if there should be an accent there- so if there was, "fray" would be accurate) so based on those two assumptions i think it would actually be gOHffre (with the fre like a light "fruh")
  5. French is my second language. Gauffre is pronounced "go-fr". The "e" at the end is a silent "e". Hope this helps!