How do you ladies stay on your bag ban???

  1. Especially on a forum like this where everyone is posting up pics of their new bags nearly everyday!!!

    I was supposed to be on a bag ban after I got my first Chanel reissue in July 2007 (this after my 2 Diors in September and November 2006, and Miu Miu Coffer in March/April 2007). But then I got my Balenciaga City last weekend, and now I really really want another Chanel! Either a red timeless clutch or a classic flap.

    How on earth do you resist? Besides not being able to afford it of course... And seriously, my fiance, darling though he is, is TOTALLY going to FLIP OUT if I break my ban before our wedding in December!
  2. hahaha.... i don't. that's how!

    well, i swap bags out... i sell old bags/bags i don't use and use the funds to get a new bag. in my mind, i'm not breaking my ban!!!! :p
  3. Two words: insufficient funds! :lol:
  4. I'm able to stay on a ban when I stop logging on tPF. I stopped logging on tPF from January - June 2007 because I was extremely broke after a huge NYC shopping spree, so I wasn't as obssessed over handbags. Now that I'm back on daily again, I want to buy everything!
    I just bought my first Chanel, a GST with gold h/w, and I'm now looking towards buying a baby cabas! :smile: Don't know where the money is going to come from though. :confused1:
  5. I think I need to stop logging in too. I was supposed to be on a ban for the rest of the year but am about to puchase a jumbo caviar this week. I'm already thinking what my next purchase is when I've not even bought the jumbo! I need help!!!
  6. Exactly!!! When I stop logging onto TPF I don't obsess so much over bags, but I can't seem to stop logging on!! Especially when I've gotten to know so many lovely pple here...

    Jeshika: I can't swap out/sell bags cos my collection isn't that big and I love all of them so much!!!
  7. That is a GREAT reason to stay on a ban HAHAHAH, but my mother is NOT helping that! She wanted to buy me the Balenciaga as a present (which would free up my cash for another Chanel!).
  8. Heh Aurora, you and me both... We need to set up some sort of Ladies Obsessed with Bags Club to help each other!
  9. Joint bank accounts with the hubby. I don't want to scare him off so I take it slow, lol.
  10. I totally agree with u guys. As long as you dont log on to TPF, you're definitely safe! I think i am more addicted to Chanel via TPF than the boutiques. When I am on TPF, i want EVERY Chanel bag. But when I am in the boutiques (especially Singapore), I want nothing. Haha
  11. I didn't log on to TPF for about 6 months which really reduced temptation!
  12. Totally!
    I really don't stay on my ban either. Only good thing I consider is, I sell one or more bags first before buying a new one. little problem: I sell the non-high end bags, so financially not a great move.
    But I've learned I rather have not so many, but beautiful high end bags, in stead of a closed full of bags, that ar so-so..

    As for logging in tpf... mayor problem indeed, I was also thinking about we should start a serieus (but serieus!) thread for the ones who are or should go on a ban. Too much enablers here! lol, I'm defenitely guilty as well!:p
  13. My ban worked through a combination of being waitlisted for the next bag I wanted and being so busy with life and work all summer that I couldn't make it to Chanel Madison, my favorite store. A trip to NM one day felt very close to dangerous, though! :upsidedown: I don't have unlimited funds, so that helps keep me in check as well.
  14. hahahahhaa after i got my reissue (and feeling guilty), i told my mom i wasn't gonna shop for 2 months. YEA RIGHT. hahaha i broke it a week plus later.

    and then my dad got me a balenciaga and now i got a balenciaga and a cabas coming my way! i'm the greatest contradiction! LOL!

    ps: that explains why i'm happily single and being a carefree student who has high material lust for chanel and balenciaga with total insufficient funds. LOL!
  15. getting off this forum really helps. I haven't gotten a new purse since june and I feel like I'm going to die. lol. I can't ever remember a time where I wasn't lusting after a new bag but my addiction has gotten so much worse and my bank account is not that much bigger.