How do you join the clubs?

  1. I want in the Speedy Club for sure! I love these bags!
  2. All you have to do is be the owner of one of those babies!:graucho:
  3. So if I am ordering today or tomarrow, is that close enough? I am so excited that I am getting my own speedy!
  4. Yes, you should join the Speedy club. Congrats! We love pictures, so try to post some when your bag arrives.
  5. Consider yourself a part of the Speedy Club then! Don't forget to post pics when you get it! WE LOVE EYE CANDY!!!:love:
  6. Oh I will post AS SOON as IT Comes!!!! I am so excited. I have moved up from my D&B addiction into the big leagues lol
  7. Do I need to actually sign up anywhere in the forum? I am ecstatic right now and on Cloud 9...maybe even 10 lol
  8. And there's no turning back -- it just gets worse from here on up:graucho: .
  9. LOL my poor DH
  10. No, just reply to the threads like you normally would.
  11. Thank you LV_addict!
  12. Any time, my friend!:flowers: