How do you get your MJ bags from ebay "back into shape"?

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  1. :confused1: I recently bought a bag on ebay :angel: that has come to me in very very
    good shape - 100% authentic (thank you Lord) - but -
    it's a little bit floppy and out of shape.
    I want to "remold" it again ... is there a way to do this?
    Should I stuff it to it's gills and then turn on a steamy hot
    shower? LOL...(just an idea)

    Maybe there is no way...but I thought I'd ask my favorite crafty virtual friends LOL
  2. Is it leather? Sometimes leather loosens up a bit...I don't know if it's possible to restructure a bag? Do you have photos? That may help too. :yes:
  3. I bought a shriveled and dried up bag from eBay and I cleaned the leather, conditioned it (using LMB products) and stuffed it enough to hold shape-- and voila! The leather and bag puffed up back to life :yes:
  4. Girl_chill I did the same. I stuff the bag with a couple of regular sized towels. But I'd like to know about the steam, etc.
  5. I'll be too scared to steam it though! Moisture might set in deep in the leather and that can't be good right??? :wondering
  6. I used LMB and really did a nice job with the cleaning aspect. I stuff my bags as soon as I get them and let them sit.
  7. I think it might be advantageous to "warm up" your bag and then stuff it. That way you don't stress the leather when stuffing. I would recommend putting your bag in its sleeper and placing it a sunny window. Once the leather is all nice and warm and relaxed stuff it to the shape you are hoping for and let it cool to "set".

    I would not recommend steaming. Leather and steam = nono.

    Good luck. How about a before and after pic?
  8. ^^^Oh, makes perfect sense. Thanks :tup:
  9. Wow! Thanks. Looks like my leather bag will not be showering with me tonight ... hahhaha..... I'm gonna stuff it to max capacity and let it set.
    Where can you find LMB products? It's not a dirty bag just a slouchy bag.
    Is LMB just for dirt?

  10. I believe the website is

    I second the window warming suggestion. If you stuff it properly, it will look good as new after a good conditioning.
  11. I just condition and stuff the bag and that usually works. However, seems like Spacey's suggestion would work very well! :tup:
  12. i cant wait to see what bag this is. yeah just stick it in the dustbag and leave it in your car all day ;) then stuff it immediately after. also good luck with the cleaning and conditioning! :tup: