How do you feel about......where LV Leather come from?

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  1. I stumbled across this site when I was searching for where Ugg boots "shearling fur" come from & I thought of LV's leather. It's making me think twice about my big purchases: leather, cashmere, angora, etc. I cried watching the video & my bf told me "unfortunately something must be given up for the better of someone else".... :cry:

    I just wanted to get your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. I feel so guilty after reading this. No wonder one colleague of mine refuse to get leather bag even though she loves the design so much.
  3. I'm pretty sure Louis Vuitton uses good leather. =)

    The videos are so cruel, makes me cry. =(
  4. Ok...that is SOO SAD...just made me stop wanting leather...for issues like this, I'd rather buy canvas than leather. At least canvas doesn't kill animals as there is only small leather trims.
  5. I won't click on any videos about animals dying. 20 years ago, I saw a video about butchering baby cows and lamb, and to this day, I do not eat veal or lamb.
  6. I don't know why this comes as a surprise to so many people. The days of happy cows grazing on green pastures have long since passed. Especially when it comes to luxury leathers and furs. This is not new.
  7. That's why I'm a vegetarian. I do not buy any leather products except for a Louis Vuitton canvas bag here and there which has minimum leather on it. I most definitely never buy any real fur products.

  8. Good leather or not, it's the source of where they get them from.... by killing animals :sad:
  9. Same thing with meat...
    But it does not stop people from buying leather/eating meat... =S
  10. It doesn't come as a surprise to me because I know leather comes from an animal. However, I've been ignorant to how the leather was derived...the treatment these poor animals go through for the "luxury items" we have. I don't believe it is right and therefore that's why this post is up. I want others to be aware and acknowledge that by purchasing leather goods and clothing/accessories from animals, they are in fact supporting such cruelty.

    Even though the "days of happy cows grazing on green pastures" have long been gone, that does not give us an excuse to torture these animals.

    All I want is for others to be aware of this issue when they purchases "luxury goods". I will definitely change my purchasing ways.

    Thank you for your reply to the topic.
  11. I know. This is a major reason why I don't like to eat meat. I try to eat as little meat as possible for more than 10 years now. It's hard to find protein substitute. It's such a hard topic. I just want to not be a cause for a cruelty to animals. My bf on other hand said they have to die for us to survive. :sad: It makes it harder for me to swallow meat when I find out that what I'm eating is from a once living cow or chicken. :/
  12. Same here. I know it's not an excuse to buy less of leather because with any leather purchase, there is an animal who died because of it. But I guess canvas w/ a leather trim is better than buying a whole leather bag. I can't justify it for you.
  13. First off, I'm not clicking any links.

    Second, my husband asked me the other day why I would eat beef but I wouldn't wear a mink coat.

    Easy. It's not about maintaining a perfect ideological, moral or other stance on this issue, it's about picking where I want to draw my line in the sand (I learned this from developing anemia during my vegetarian years -- I was the world's worse vegetarian!).

    Today, I eat very little meat and I limit what I eat to certain animals that will provide my body with nutrients I find hard to get elsewhere (beef, salmon and other seafood and some chicken). Since I eat beef, I don't lose sleep over using other parts of the animal (leather boots, for example).

    I don't - as of yet - eat mink. So, I'm not wearing it.

    The problem with a lot of these discussions is that someone will inevitably take offense to someone else's stance and come out with some absolutist thinking and the inevitable charge of hypocrisy ("you don't wear fur, but you eat pork? Hypocrite!!).

    I don't see it as hypocrisy to maintain that people should find their own ethical positions on these issues and then try to live up to the standard they set for themselves.
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  14. I am an addict with purses so I am trying the best on my part lol...even with just leather trims? I doubt that cuz the trims are so little, that it take quite a lot of trims to kill one cow compared to fewer leather bags to kill one cow.
  15. I won't even watch these videos as I can imagine what I would see :cry:
    If only animals didn't exist.