How do you feel about the fact...

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  1. I disagree. I think that very few people have the knowledge, skills, tools and resources to authenticate handbags via photos on the web. So almost everyone has to rely on the reputation of the seller to guarantee authenticity if there's to be a secondary market for high-end goods.

    Certainly, some people enjoy becoming connoisseurs, and are expert at recognizing fakes. But handbags are just a single facet of most people's lives. We also need to consume forks, dishes, shoes, coffee tables, winter jackets, etc. And buying things on the secondary market makes for efficiencies both for individuals and society. Yet how can every person be expert judges of every type of item? So buyers need to be able to trust that what's represented is accurate.
  2. I think in a way they deserve it. I knew a women who a huge LV collection, but they were all fake and from ebay. I could tell the colors were off on the MC and some of the bags were styles never made. lol She would brag about the great deals she got, too. lol I just felt like she was trying to scam a company out of money and got what she deserved by being scamed herself. The funny thing, though, was if she wanted to she could afford a real bag. She was pretty well off.
  3. I understand, and I am certainly not an expert or think they deserve it in a mean way. But what I am saying is for certain amount of money a person is going to shed out (especially they are not easy money) and they not going to do any research and just going to trust the seller blindly?
  4. That's way too vindictive for me. I feel sorry for them. I think that it sucks, and that those people who are selling them as "authentic" should get in alot of trouble for it.
  5. yes I do feel sorry but I guess they have to find out the hard way.:cry:
  6. I definitly feel bad for them!

    A lot of people, including myself, can't discern between real/fake ( unless it's an obvious giveaway.) A lot of people enjoy handbags, but it's not their first priority, so if they see a good deal on something, and they're sure it's real- they're going to get it.

    I have no idea why anyone would think they deserve being screwed out of their money. ( unless they know it's a fake, and just want a fake bag for a good price.)
  7. I feel bad for these people. Before I knew about all the fakes on eBay, I would have never thought people could actually sell fakes but say they were authentic. I didn't think eBay would allow that on their site, but now I know better after reading up and seeing such obvious fakes.

    I can't even imagine how I would react if I won a bid on ebay for my dream bag and it ends up I got scammed. I would be crushed.
  8. I feel bad for the people who just don't realize they are bidding on fakes. I mean yes some of them are really really obvious to those of us who spend most of our time talking about, shopping for, and discussing purses; they might not be as obvious to the average person though.

    If someone is buying fakes on purpose than that bothers me. If you can afford LV for example that's fine, there are lots of less expensive purses out there that are still cute. I still don't think that gives you the right to buy a fake though. I saw the most hideous cerise papillion today, even my brother knew it was fake. I just don't understand why someone would want to carry a purse that is so blatantly fake.
  9. I feel sorry that they didn't do their research before looking to buy a bag elsewhere than the boutique or authorized retailer. It's the first thing I thought of when I started surfing eBay for bags. There are many information resources out there - I started by Googling how to tell a fake LV from a real one - and just went from there. I know a lot of people get impatient and will just bid or click Buy It Now, but that's when you can possibly find yourself in trouble. It's more of a pain in the ass to get stuck with a fake and have to go through the process of trying to get your money back, rather than doing your homework and bidding when you're 100 percent sure it's real.
  10. I definately feel sorry for people who get scammed on ebay. Alot of people don't have the knowledge we do and live in places where bags we purchase are available. Some are young and don't think to verify anything. I admit sometimes its even hard for me tell.

    Example of this is I wrote to a seller alot of you purchase from. I asked a question about authenticity. The response was I don't know if it is, didn't have it verified, and can't ask the person who gave it to me. But I have no reason to doubt the person gave me a fake bag. What kind of answer is that.

    I have said before now I just stay away from ebay. No amount of pictures and words can guarantee what I receive will be what is stated in the listing.
  11. I remember once that I was looking at buying a suhali LV bag and elux wasn't carrying it, so I thought about buying it on ebay. I even made a bid. It looked like the real thing (to my untrained eye) and the guy had receipts so it had to be real right?

    Anyways, someone emailed me and flat out told me that the bag was fake and why. I was mortified because I didn't even know any better. I had compared pictures and it looked good to me. Receipts and the proper paperwork meant it was good, right? She also told me some questions to ask the seller to get more information to see whether it was real or not. The guy obviously failed those questions. Then I tried to reneg my bid from ebay and of course, ebay was no help. To them, it didn't matter that the guy was trying to sell me a fake bag, I bid on it so I was responsible for my bid. Well, guess what? I don't use ebay anymore.

    I don't remember who that was anymore, but I am glad she took that extra time to let me know. Saved me some money and it taught me that I need to be more wary of sellers on e-bay. I just didn't think that the fake bags were that prolific and that they would have the nerve to sell it on ebay.
  12. i feel sorry for people without the sense to realize that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. i just don't know why people don't do any research, but that's probably because not doing research is totally antithetical to my personality.
  13. I feel bad for the people who spend there money on fakes on ebay,while they belive the stuffs real. I also think the people who sell fakes purposly are bad. I have more respect for sellers that say "replica LV",then the obvious "authentic bags"while 95% of the time they are fake.I dislike knockoffs but atleast the "replica" seller is telling the buyer it its fake so they are aware buying a knock off bag..that they shouldnt be buying
  14. I feel bad. Some genuinely nice people just don't know better or are too trusting.