How do you feel about mixing designers/brands?

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  1. Okay, so sometimes I get a look of confusion when I am mixing-and-matching my items. For example, today I carried my LV cabas piano, which held my Prada wallet, Coach keychain, and Versace sunglasses. The girl at the store where I was shopping gave me a funny look (I had to pull some things out of my bag to get to my wallet in order to pay) and said something about "designer confusion".

    Have any of you had this experience? I know a lot of people prefer one brand over others (sometimes exclusively), but I didn't think that it would bother anyone...

    Sheesh! :shrugs:
  2. that has never happened to me!!! i think carrying just one designer is very boring! i think it's fun to mix it up and have different ones...if you have all of one then it just gets old faster!
  3. Mixing and matching shows individuality. It's easy to buy a bunch of stuff from one designer and it's also boring. My stuff is all mixed up too and it shows that I buy what I like, not just because it's designed by so and so. Clothes, shoes, sunnies, bag, wallet and keychain all by same designer just screams STEPFORD WIFE.
  4. I mix and match everything. In fact, I've never thought much about it. As long as the styles and colors go nicely, I think it's fine to wear different labels and designers all at the same time.
  5. Okay, so I'm not just "confused".

    Thanks for your input!
  6. I can't stand 'matchy matchy', I'd prefer to mix it up anytime.
  7. :lol: regarding the "Stepford Wife" comment! I agree! You need to buy what you like and what suits you best, regardless of designer. I've never worried about an accessory being the same designer as the bag.
  8. I always buy what I like and they don't necessarily match at all. I mostly go by how the item feels in my hand/against my skin and how it looks/color. I'm always mixing and matching whether its designer or not.
  9. she said something about designer confusion? i mean, did she say it in a humorous kind of way? sorry, i'm just trying to get the context of your situation. but, by no means there is nothing wrong with having different designers to your already marvolous status. i mean, if one thing was bright yellow, and your bag was bright green, and your sunglasses case was, bright purple..then i'd give a comment, but not a rude comment. i'd say something like, "wow, you have an interesting taste"
  10. I love to mix and match my stuff. Doesn't matter if it's designer or not. Just as long as it makes me feel good and stuff. Having everything being matchy, matchy just seems a lil boring.
  11. I think it's definitely okay to mix different designers and brands! I do it :smile: I think it would be more odd to see someone with everything from LV (for example). But still, I wouldn't comment on it in such a manner. To each their own. I think the girl you met was quite rude.
  12. No, it definitely shouldn't bother anyone. It's nobody else's concern what is or isn't in your bag. It certainly shouldn't bother them whether or not you have the taste for various brands/designers. People should just mind their own business when it comes to things that do not require their opinions.

  13. I never carry all one designer - too twee by far. My bag today is Prada, sunnies are Armani, purse is Designers' Guild, make up bag is Mulberry, organiser is Mulberry.
    It's never got me any funny looks.
  14. I don't always match designers, but I do try to match colors.
  15. A couple of times I have been buying a bag and the SA has told me I can get shoes to match if I like. AGH! No WAY!! :wtf: First I have no desire to look like a complete chav, and second, I can put an outfit together myself thank you, I don't need everything matched up for me!!

    Sticking like glue to one designer will make your style options very narrow...I buy stuff cos I like it, not cos of who made it! Happy942, was the SA somewhere where she would get commission if she convinced you you needed everything to match and you got it from her store? If so, maybe that's why she said what she did. If not then I guess she's just unimaginitive and/or jealous...