How do you express yourself in an artistic way?

  1. Poetry...

    And occasionally I'll try to write a song. I prefer playing them though. Lyrics that sound good are notoriously difficult to achieve for me.

    How do you express yourself in an artistic way?
  2. I draw and paint, and occassionally sew something (eg. right now I'm making a bag out of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips.)
  3. My clothing/accessories would be the most significant way. I play with chalk a lot, drawing all over my driveway, the street in front of my house, etc. It sounds really juvenile but it's a great outlet. I also like to express myself through cooking and on occasion, sewing. With sewing, I like to use bright colored fabric and random buttons and I make big bunny stuffed toys for kids in my family or to send to friends to cheer them up. Other than that, I love to rearrange and decorate my house. I have a lot of very strange pottery and glassware pieces, plus some unique paintings.

    I used to be an art major; I'd been taking private classes since I was in elementary school to prepare me for college art. But art in college was so strict and boring. I became incredibly tired of drawing and painting, so I quit my major and found my own personal outlets, and became a much happier English major!
  4. I Crump.
  5. writing in any form.

    I'd also say throwing outfits together and changing clothes I have for a different look (maybe just buttons, sometimes change a whole coat around by taking off the collar etc)
  6. This is a little embarassing but......

    I write poems (badly written poems!) :shame:
  7. IN every way possible in the past; I used to draw a lot, play music, sing, act, dance, compose, through fashion.

    Now I don't have that much time on my hands though, but I occasionally do stuff.

    I'm one of those people who automaticallyinvolve myself when watching someone else being creative, I'm not comfortable just being an observer.
  8. I paint.
  9. Still do makeup and hair for people
    Bake and Cook
    Create crafts that I sell at a street fair

    I make siggys, invites, cards, digital layouts, etc etc

    Examples (other then my siggy):

    My DD....

    One of 3 xmas cards I made/sent out last year:

  11. I make jewlery. I'm not very good though. Oh well.
  12. I have tried many things like making jewelry and painting, but I am artistically unblessed. My brother got all the talent, he can draw REALLY well. I stick to collecting tattoos as my expression of art... on my body!
  13. So many ways!

    I Love...

    creative writing; especially short stories and pems
    wrapping the perfect gift
    designing and sewing clothes

    I guess just about everything
  14. I write on my blog, or my journal.
  15. athletics and baking

    the more i run the more i can eat;)