How do you decorate your LVs??

  1. Stolen from the balenciaga forum .. let us know how you charm your LV bags :smile: ...

    My mono speedy 30 is decorated using a pomme cles which also holds my keys ...


  2. My Azur Speedy has a Juicy diamond ring charm on it right now. I'm trying to get a Speedy inclusion next!
    azur speedy.jpg
  3. so cute!!! :smile: come on ladies .. how do you charm ur LVs? :smile:
  4. when i first got my damier speedy i wanted to put a charm on it, and this was all i could find at the time that was gold. My boyfriend calls it 'poo head' :rolleyes:
    CIMG4122.JPG CIMG4124.JPG
  5. :smile:
    IMG_5993i.jpg IMG_6086i.jpg IMG_5967.jpg lockit with panda.jpg IMG_5518 (1).jpg
  6. more
    IMG_4539.jpg IMG_5538.jpg IMG_5548.jpg IMG_5768.jpg pf charm.jpg
  7. denim baggy

  8. I haven't decorated yet but am thinking of using a scarf.
  9. My mini lin speedy with etoile bandeau and pink heart

    PICT1197 (Small).JPG

    PICT1267 (Medium).JPG
  10. my damier speedy with my noisette cles x
  11. ^ Luva, that is such a beautiful combo! I love the shimmery beige matched with the damier browns. It looks lovely!
  12. damier.jpg



    multi groom.jpg
  13. onatah.jpg

  14. ^^ LOVE the denim with the red/framboise and pomme :smile: