How do you decide?

  1. This is a thought process question. How do you decide on the bag that is IT and you must have.

    I found recently that I rarely see a bag and know it right away. I either see something and have to think and ruminate (maybe that's because my tastes are getting more expensive and I can't be impulsive anymore). Or, and more interestingly, I find that I see bags that I kinda dislike and then they start to grow on me. Maybe I'm not ready to admit to the quirkiness of my taste.

    I also have a strange preference for out-of-season bags. I hate when my passion is the IT bag. I'd rather not be carrying what the rest of the world has or what the rest of the world is coveting. I have a few bags that I love that I bought a year or so after they were the HOT bags.

    Now, I just admitted to falling for bags that I initially disliked. I also posted in the previous thread that I don't like Spy bags. I truly believe I will stand by this one and NOT ever own a Spy! Of course, you folks are more than welcomed to catch me in my lie when I buy one....

  2. That is very interesting that you "ruminate" over bags - I am the exact opposite. When I first see a bag I have to fall head over heels in love with its charm for me to even consider purchasing it. Then, I think about it a for a little while (or buy it right away depending how irresponsible I feel that day). If I still want it a few days later as badly as I wanted it when I first saw it, then there is no stopping me!
  3. I tend to be more like Chemlex. I have to see it and want it right then, or else I may just move on. I have the problem of impulse buying (which I'm sure many of you have also), but I mean the kind of impulse buying where my credit card is treated merely like a piece of plastic. It was worse when I was younger, but I still am one of the worst impulse shoppers ever. When I was in Europe this summer, right after I bought my red paddy, Vlad had to hold me back from buying a Bottega bag next door. I need to work on it, that is for sure.
  4. I am a bad impulse shopper ........I have been doin well lately but i was really bad at one point
  5. I usually know it when I see a bag, although some just have to grow on me. I am usually drawn to bags I know i wont see on 3948394839843 other people. I'll usually just get the bag I want as long as its something I know I'll use at least a few times. I've purchased a few that haven't seen the light of day after they were boxed at the store lol.
  6. I usually get the bag that draws me in. If I like a design I'll get it. :smile:
  7. I know it when I see it, in store or in magazine.
  8. Yes! I wander all over the store with my new possible bag just to see how it carries and how it looks and how it feels. Then I wait a day. I have to do this because I am such an impulse buyer, that this works for me and I love all my bags without reservations.
  9. Oh, I am just like you, I ruminate... Then ask everybody what they think. Am currently in love with the miu miu coffee in light pink, but f&f think it's not really me. Now I don't know what to decide... Either a Chanel Half Moon Flap or a GST. I also really want a LV neverfull in Damier. Most of my bags are either brown or black, so I want something lighter. And am totally in love with this pastel season... I really like the Reed Krakkof boxer in coral. Decisions, decisions...
  10. I started out as very impulsive, but once my closet got too full and my wallet too empty, I've learned to s l o w down. Now, it's normal for me to plan bag purchased a year or more ahead of time. The brands that churn out new models every 8 weeks and then sell the previous 8 weeks' bags at 50% off are off my radar these days. (grrrrr.) Coach, I'm talking about YOU!
  11. I'll usually get a bag if I have the money, or it is a design/fabric/print that is unique. And if I know it is from an older line, I tend to get it when I see it, or I won't see it again...
  12. Mostly every bag I've fallen for is expensive so I don't have the luxury of being impulsive. I will most likely see a celebrity wearing it and then check it out in the boutique and then if I still love it, after having tried it on numerous times to see how it hangs on me, and placed all my things in it, I will then leave it at the boutique and "sleep on it." If, when I awake, I can't stop thinking of the bag, I go for it! Also, I prefer buying a bag in person and not on line for that reason. I need to see how the bag fits me.
  13. I will buy if I really like the look and It has to be well designed for my use:smile:
  14. First off, a handbag has to "sing" to me, and then I try not to buy on the impulse. That's difficult when it's a very lovely purse!

    If the bag is what I consider expensive ($500 and up), I have to see it in person if I haven't already. I touch it, try it on, and then tell the SA "Thank you; I'd like to think about it some more."

    If I find I'm still obsessing that same day, I try to distract myself with some other non-purse activity. It's like I need to let the thought go to see if it's just a "purse crush" or genuine. If I'm still set on it a week or more later, I'll go see it again, and if possible with a friend, and then make the purchase. This seems to work best for me.
  15. I do both methods- marinate and buy/see if like/if don't return. I have purchased bags that I really loved at first then kept it for a few days then decide to return. Or I see it and don't buy it right away and go purchase it. I have found though that the bags which I sometimes gave no consideration to are the ones that I later buy. It is a process- but I love it