How do you decide?

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  1. Hi All, My name is Jessica and i am new :heart:

    I bought an amore (sp? i have seen it written so many diff. ways) ciao ciao a couple of weeks ago and now i am living and breathing Tokidoki,the toys are taking over my desk here at work as we speak.

    but as for the bags,i want to buy more,i love the amore print the most but since i have a ciao ciao i keep telling myself i dont need more then one bag with the same print and even more so how would i decide which bag to use & when?? how do you ladies do it?? (fyi:i'm not in school,just work during the week and mall movies type of life on the weekend) i want a gioco so bad!! but i want it in the amore print,please tell me why i do/ do not need to be buying more then one bag in the same print,i need help!:shrugs:

    Thank you in advance ladies!! :heart:
  2. Well its very hard to decide. I have 2 bags in amore cause i love it!!!

    Im sure a lot of ladies will tell you if you love the print you can have more than one style bag in the print!!

    im not helping im sure

    there are only 2 prints i want to have more than one style in
  3. welcome to the forum Jessica!

    If you love the print, then it's totally okay to have more than one bag in that print. I have 3 bags in the foresta print, 2 bags in the paradiso print, etc.

    So go for it and get the l'amore gioco if you really want it.

    As for what styles to get, get what appeals to you. If you're not a messenger-bag kinda person then stick to the styles that are more handbag-like. It's all personal preference.

    Oh and lastly, congrats on your ciao ciao and your toki toys!! umm pretty soon that one ciao ciao is gonna multiply into lots more toki bags. :biggrin:
  4. i don't have any doubles...yet. i do have a denaro and a ciao ciao that match. and a trenino and a ciao that match, but that is the it okay? that's up to you hun!

    it's all about what you're willing to spend and if you think you'll really use it...i am at a point of guilt and poorness since moving soon, so i'm on hiatus unless something really good and reasonable comes along. I think inferno may be the only i double up in the handbag dept otherwise I try to keep it to just one because of limited funds, i don't use credit cards for toki etc, but again just me.

    i think the best three questions you can ask yourself.

    is buying a bag in the same print going to be used?
    is buying another same style bag in different print going to make me happier or not (than the same print you already have)
    and lastly...
    do i love l'amore? or do I like it and not really examined the other prints yet...

    i had a friend who loved one print so much she spent all her money on it and got so blindsided by it then after the fact she had like ten bags of the same print and realized there was far more she wants in other prints...then she started selling them off to afford the other's easy to happen we get wrapped up!
  5. you decide based on what you want =)

    amore is personally my #1 favorite print and hence i have 4 bags with that print! i have an amore gioco and i am IN LOVE with it! so if you really want one, i say go with it. unless you're going to impose a strict 1 bag per print rule...but go with what makes you happy! =) amore makes ME really happy!
  6. If you really like the print, then you could buy a few bags having the same prints. I have matching Foresta Ciao to wear with Foresta Campeggio & then I add a Foresta Nuvola to wear with my Campeggio. I am thinking to get Citta Nuvola or Ciao to use with my Citta Cucciolo & also planing to get something big in Amore & Pirata to wear with the bambinone & Cia that I already own. So, it is perfectly normal to want more than 1 bag per print.
  7. If you love it and you're not causing yourself a financial hardship/not accumulating credit card debt, then no harm in going for it.
  8. I think buying more than one bag in the same print is fine. The design looks different on every bag - and placement will be different, too~ So it's more like different versions of the same print - and more bag-styles to show it off :biggrin:
  9. Let see...

    I have three Paradisos (Zucca, Bella, Porta)
    Four Infernos (Zucca, Bella, Porta, Canguro)
    Four Cittas (Ciao-Ciao, Porta, Scuola, Bracialetto)
    Five Piratas (BV, Stellina, Dolce, Zucca, Cucciolo)
    Six Amores (Gioco, BV, Campeggio, Dolce, Denaro, Porta)

    I use them all. There are times when I need to use a big bag and it has to be a light color. I grab my Amore Gioco. Or I need a little bag and it needs to be red (Inferno Bella).

    There is a time and a place for ALL toki :smile:
  10. Thank you so much everyone,i placed an order for the Gioco in the amore print,my denaro arrived today (amore print) and next im going to Loehmanns here in miami to see if i can find anything good :smile:

    seriously,this is SO addicting :girlsigh:

  11. where did you get your amore denaro??

    let me know what you find at loehmanns in miami
  12. I did a charge send,i called Nordstroms and had them track one down for me,it came from the Nordstroms in Orange County,CA so i did not get to pick my print placement or anything,but i was having such a hard time finding one i decided to take my chances,either way i am just glad i found one :smile::happydance:

    I will def. post on here what i find (if anything) at loehmanns..

  13. pandanoir:

    Loehmanns here in miami,fl had nothing :sad: