How do you condition/treat your Uggs in preparation for snow/ice/salt?

  1. I bought some Uggs to wear this winter, and want to know how I should treat them so they won't stain due to snow, ice and salt. Can anyone provide me with some suggestions on what worked for them?
  2. Leather spray and clean them ASAP when you soil them. They stain easily so there's not that much else you can do. Salt is a boot killer so just be sure to clean them every time you wear them out in the salt.
  3. I give them a washing and then when they are dry spray them with shining monkey :smile:
  4. There is an Ugg brand spray that my sister swears by. I've seen them at Nordstrom but I'm sure they're online as well.
  5. ^^ I have that. I, too, got it at Nordy's when I bought a pair of mine. Mine still got dirty even with the spray and it wouldn't come off. :shrugs:
  6. Thanks for the advice!
  7. I honestly just wear them and let nature take its course, buy another pair next winter.
  8. there are ugg cleaning kits you can buy at most shoe stores that sell uggs. I already had a multi purpose spray protectant at home though so I didn't buy it.
    I spray them every so often in the winter, and if they get dirty I wash them with a soft cloth in cold water with a mild soap. let them dry naturally and stuff them with paper towels to keep the shape and then use a stiff cloth to brush them
  9. I just bought another pair of Uggs last night (black snakeskin from Nordys) and bought more spray. I think I am going to spray them 3 - 4 times before taking them out in the winter snow and sleet. Luckily they are black so the dirt won't show. Buying dark brown and black is one way to ensure that they stay clean! haha
  10. ^ I think multiple coats are key.
  11. Can Uggs be worn in the rain??
  12. ^^ not in heavy rain...they get completely soaked through no matter how many times you spray them. They'll dry and probably be fine afterward, but not comfy in the rain.

    Light rain is fine.