How do you clean/sanitize make up?

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  1. I did a search using "clean and/or sanitize, sanitizing" etc...couldn't find anything.

    Anyways, a friend gave me a few make up products to use, she only used them a few times, but me being a huge germaphobic...I want to clean/sanitize them prior to use.

    How do you clean your make up without ruining them? Some products she gave me were MAC's Fluidline, Blush Cremes, and Paint Pots.

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I've cleaned lipsticks, lip balm pots, blushes, and eyeshadows all with rubbing alcohol and haven't had any problems. I just take a cotton ball and soak it in the alcohol and then swipe the top of the surface with it.

    Although I've never tried it on any of the stuff you listed however, so I have no idea how they might react with rubbing alcohol.
  3. spray alcohol on the creamblush and paintpot, the alcohol will evaporate. the drick does not work on fluidline
  4. Thanks ladies!

    That YT video was helpful!
  5. I saw the girl at the MAC counter sanitze a lipstick by sticking it in a bowl of rubbing alchohol for 10 seconds or so (I asked her what she was doing, lol) then she took a tissue and lightly wiped it off.
  6. He's great^^!
  7. At the drugstore (London Drugs) I've seen wipes and sprays specifically for sanitizing makeup. idk the brand name but next time I'm there I'll pay closer attention and let you know.
  8. Individual alcohol wipes that come in mini pouches work too...
  9. I love this topic. The video was helpful but now I've got a question how do you disinfect mineral makeup? I try to use the makeup from the lid only but I admit sometimes I dip in the containers. Can you spritz alcohol on mineral foundation, blush and shadows? Also any way to disinfect tube lip gloss or doe foot applicator glosses? I don't let anyone else use my makeup so at least it's only my own germs.
  10. ^i spritz alcohol on my mineral make up :smile: but it wasn't loose powder.
  11. All my mineral makeup is powder. Do you think it would cake up? I guess as long as you don't use that much.
  12. thanks for the YT post tracy! i've always wondered how to sanitize makeup not that i share mine or anything.
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