How do you cheer up your SO?

  1. So ladies... how do you cheer up your SO/BF/DH when your man are feeling down? :sad: It seems that sometimes they just want to be left alone...

    Any advice? :heart:
  2. I'm no expert, but more often than not guys do like to be left alone to work through things themselves before they're ready to be with their SOs (us!) or anyone else.

    Compare that to women (in general) where we need to be around others to talk through our problems rather than be alone...
  3. Ya, I agreed but it drives me nuts sometimes! :wacko:
  4. cook his favorite dishes :smile: tell few happy stories and don't even try to ask if he is okay, nor even ask to share the sad story he went thru over and over...
  5. Ohhh man.. This is really tough… Normally, when my DH is feeling down, he wants to be alone.. So I make sure that he knows that I’m always here and he’s not alone. I always give him a big hug and a big kiss. Small affections means a lot for him. :biggrin:
  6. in general, i ask (my long term relationship just ended and am still :cursing:) if he's ok, and we may discuss about the situation but sometimes they do want to be alone. be affectionate, do things that are relaxing for him, watchtv (possibly in silence). let him have his spaceand u can read a book, watch tv or take the opportunity to go do your own stuff (Spa, shop etc)
  7. lots of food. ice cream alsways cheers my SO up, especially ben and gerrys
  8. A good meal, lots of kind loving words, (We joke around and play alot so when Im sweet and loving he loves it) that gets him everytime. (oh and sex always helps):nuts:
  9. I try to leave him alone. It took me a while to realize not to be confrontational cuz apparently men like to work things out for themselves. I just try to be available for any comforting he needs or if he needs me to buy him something or get him food.
  10. Hold her head under the covers and fart...
  11. I was just thinking about this the other day... last time I saw my SO, he was so stressed and having the worst day ever... and he's the type that shows it, even if he tries to ignore his problems and change the subject to something else. I could still sense it, even though he says he feels better when he sees me... but I just didn't know what to do or say. It's not like I could just ignore him because we had plans to meet that day... so, I just kept quiet and didn't ask him about what happened. He didn't seem to want to discuss it anyway.

    I guess guys are just like that... they would rather not openly talk about it and like to be left alone.
  12. I back off a little bit:p

    We are remodeling the house and planning a wedding and if he is stressed or upset by something at work then I try to avoid adding to his stress level by reminding him that he needs to either spend more time or money on the projects.
  13. I play with his hair or give him a massage and am just all around affectionate. Bring him/make him/take him out for his favorite foods.
  14. sex....mindblowing sex cures
  15. I was expecting this answer from someone, LOL.