how do you care for your jeans?

  1. do you just throw them in the washing machine, refuse to wash them at all, dry clean.. what do you do?
  2. I turn them inside out and handwash them in lukewarm water, and I try not to wash them until I've worn them at least three-four times. Especially since this season, it's the dark indigo jeans that are in style, and I don't want them to fade. It's not good for denim to wash them after every wear.

    And I usually hang dry. If they're feeling a little crunchy I'll put them in a dryer on low heat for a couple of minutes with fabric softener.
  3. I wear my jeans at least a couple of times then I wash them, inside out, in cold with woolite, gentle cycle, hang dry. Most of my clothes are washed in woolite, cold water, gentle cycle and hang to dry in hangers:flowers: Some really delicate ones are handwash.
  4. Hi, new poster here, but have been lurking for a while!

    I just bought a pair of Joe's Provocateur, Billy wash, and I believe the tag says "dry clean recommended".

    Does anyone who wears Joe's get them dry cleaned? Or do you wash them at home, gentle cycle, inside out, etc.?

    I don't know what scares me more.. the idea of me washing them myself and risk ruining them or putting them in the hands of my dry cleaners!!

    By the way, the Provocateurs are fantastic for semi-shorties like me (I am 5'4). I can't wait to get them in other washes!
  5. It depends on how they fit and their color.
    If they fit great an tend to stretch a bit, I just wash them and dry them on delicate.

    If they fit tight I wash them in cold and airdry them, then toss them in the dryer to soften them and fluff.

    DH adn I read an article in GQ a while back talking about teh hazards of dry cleaning. They said that the chemicals actually break down clothing over time.
    The mag recommended men have enough clothing that their items were only dry cleaned a few times a year! :shocked:
    So I try and wash everything I can at home. We have a nice set of W/D so it's definitely easy on my clothing.
  6. i try to remember to wash them inside out. that doesn't always happen though.

    i'm such a laundry klutz! :shame:
  7. I usually wash them and hang dry.

    But then if they are loose, I just wash n put them in the dryer to shrink them a bit.


    I like the other ideas though, Im gonna try wooolite!
  8. i usually try to wear my jeans at least 3 times before i wash them, unless they're visibly dirty, then i throw them in the washing machine and do warm wash. I usually wait until i have a half or full load worth of jeans before i chuck them in the machine, once the wash cycle is finished i put them all through the dryer so they can shrink again. And that's it, i fold them and put them away. I never iron my jeans before i wear them. And i'm ready to go through the whole cycle again.
  9. After about 5 wears, I dry clean only because I don't want them to shrink or fade.
  10. First, I wash my jeans inside-out in cold water once I get them home from the store. Then I dry them (inside-out) at regular heat in the dryer. I do this at least three times before I have them hemmed. This usually shrinks them in length about as much as they're ever going to shrink.

    Once they're hemmed, I only wear them once or twice before washing them. I don't like my jeans stretched out. I wash them inside-out in the washer in cold water and dry them in the dryer. I prefer the dryer over hang drying because the dryer shrinks them back into shape.
  11. Same here!:P
  12. Wash them in the washing machine (normal cycle) and dry them in the dryer!!!:nuts:
  13. Hah-hah! I refuse to wash them. :angel: If they do get visibly dirty, I'll hand wash them in cold water and hang them to dry.
  14. thanks everyone for your imput!
  15. I have 1 pair of 7's, they have crystals on the pockets. I have lost 2 crystals from washing them, in cold water, inside out. I wish I had dry cleaned them. However, it just seems crazy to send jeans to the dry cleaner. From now on I doubt I will buy that style. I have other 7's and have not had that problem.