How do you buy your bags? Online or IRL?


I usually buy my bags....

  1. Online

  2. In a store/boutique, etc...

  3. A mix of both online and in real life

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  1. Today I had some time to kill and I quickly ran to the mall. I realized it's been a while since I have actually LOOKED at a bag IRL before purchasing it :confused1: I've been buying most of my bags online (and then returning them more than half the time b/c they are not what I imagined!!).

    What about you? How do you buy your bags?
  2. i can't remember when was the last time i bought a bag irl....i guess it was my MJ. i'd rather buy online, you can use codes and not pay tax! and there are more unique bags to be had online.
  3. Also mostly online. I might check them out IRL sometimes, then I hunt for the deal online.
  4. I have only bought one bag, a Kooba, on eBay from a very reputable PF'r, so I felt very good about that. However, I am just a touchy-feely kind of girl, so I bite the bullet and stalk the bag that I want and wait for it to go on sale, and then I buy it.
  5. That's usually what I do too. There are just better deals online. But if I run into a lovely bag for a good price IRL, of course I'll buy that too! :graucho:
  6. mostly online for me.
  7. Mostly online.
  8. If I want anything higher end than Coach or Dooney, I have to shop online. There are no designer stores in my area, and I don't travel a whole lot. The only designer bags you can buy IRL around here are Coach and Dooney from Macy's. Even then, they have a very limited selection. Most of the Coaches of the logo fabric kind. Only occasionally do they get in a nice leather one.
  9. I have bought most of my bags from stores, in Helsinki or abroad. Few select pieces are from ("the Finnish eBay") and actually this week I bought my first eBay-bag (more about her later in the bag showcase thread).

    If it would be any easier to mail order bags to Finland, I would be in serious trouble ;)
  10. This is how I normally feel but when I buy online without seeing it IRL first I tend to return most of them like the OP does.

    The bigger issue to me is that most of the stores around me do not carry many of the brands I likeso I have to go online to obtain them. On top of that, I sort of like it that way because it means I am less likely to run into someone else while out with the same bag if it's had to obtain in my area.
  11. I buy online probably 95% of the time, because I'm 2 hours away from the closest stores that sell designer names. I think it's so much more dangerous this way, because money doesn't really feel like money when it's funnelled through Paypal!:smile: But hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do:smile:
  12. Mostly on-line, it's just easier, I do go to the mall and boutiques and purchase there also, but I find on-line is easier to return.
  13. A mix of both, usually whichever place has the better deal! Lately it's been more online, because of the crazy good sales, coupons, and the fact that I can go from "store" to "store" and comparison shop without burning up gas.
  14. mix of both
  15. I do mostly online so I can save tax, save gas, and reduce traffic. :smile: But I have to admit, if I purchase IRL, I will spend MUCH less than I do online.