how do ya'll like this dress from F21?

  1. [​IMG]
    im thinking of getting it.
    the price is good but does it look cheap?
    im iffy about the black crystals!
  2. it doesn't look cheap, but I suppose it will be a season-item, so no one will wear that kind of embellishment and that baggy shape next season... I wouldn't buy it..
  3. dont like it. the pic is ok but IRL most of their stuff look cheap.
  4. personally, i am not a fan... but i would have to see it being modeled on a body to make a real decision. a lot of times things look crappy on the rack but look great once you try it on.
  5. I'm not a fan of the jewels on makes it look cheap imo :smile: But if you wannit, get it!! :smile:
  6. I think it looks cute in the picture, but in person it may look cheaply made IMO.
  7. ya gotta see it IRL but if its cheap just get it as a "disposable" item
  8. I agree about f21 not being good quality, but I think it's cute! I could see it with black tights and some black platform heels. :yes:

    For stuff that's so trendy, I think f21 is a good place to get it. Then you don't have to feel guilty if you only wear it once!
  9. would have to see the stitching on it but im betting it isnt the best- but is it a really good deal? you could prob wear it once...i would pass.
  10. I think it's ok. I kind of wish the black crystals were smaller and closer together or something....
  11. sorry not a fan either
  12. I think I have to see it IRL and on someone.
  13. Well, it looks like something Nicole Richie would wear. If you're into that kind of style and have a 60's/70's vibe to your look then yeah, you could pull it off!
  14. Not sure about it... might look a little "baggy" on and not do much for your figure, but I would have to see it on to know. As for lasting power, it looks trendy... so for me, I would have to say no.
  15. I think if you're really lanky and thin it would work. It might be really cute, I like the color. Otherwise the thing with jewels like that is if they're cheap they might look it.