How do we feel about this style?

  1. I'm not quite sure myself. Does anyone have this?

  2. I like! I think it's Rock and Roll(y)
  3. It's a bit too heavy looking, IMHO. Is it a small pouchette size bag or regular shoulder bag size?
  4. Need to see IRL. Right now I say nay.
  5. They were selling that at nap but I think it is sold out. It said shoulder bag on the description. Anyways I quite like the bag but there are other bags I would rather get.
  6. I think it's cute. Esp. in the new purple color that's on Diabro.
  7. I have the large satchel on MP. To me this is a serious purse with a dash of flirt thrown in. Sort of like a Chanel.
  8. I like! It's very cute....
  9. I like it a lot, specially in the dark purple that diabro has.
  10. Purple definitely seems to be the hot color for the upcoming seasons
  11. Yes, I've seen it on NAP, too. :yes:

    It's OK, quite nice - reminds me of a modified Paddy Clutch with a handle and a chain attached.

    Not something I would buy, personally, as I tend to like a bit of depth/volume and I only really like clutches and long strapped shoulderbags, these days, for me; but then I never bought a regular Paddy, either, so I'm probably not the best judge! :biggrin:
  12. A little small for me, but like the pigalle version
  13. Meh! I could take it or leave it...
  14. :tdown:Doesn't do it for me - IMO it just looks like any old black handbag with the padlock added as an afterthought.
  15. I saw it on a girl in Brighton back in the summer. Its smaller than i expected, didn't look too heavy. Looked like a nice small shoulder bag.