How Do Waitlists/Reservation Lists Work? (I'm a newbie)

  1. Hi everyone!! Since I'm new to this and all...

    I was just wondering how the waitlist/reservation lists work for LV? I want the Damier Azur Speedy 25 but I live in Vancouver, Canada and I called both Holts and the LV Store only to find out that it would take a month for mine to come (if I get put on the waiting list). Do I pay for the full price of the bag before I'm put under the waiting list? Or do I just leave my credit card # with them and when the bag comes, they charge it to my account? And do the waitlists typically take longer or shorter than the SAs say? I REALLY want this bag before the beginning of next month. :push: I'm so desparate that I even called the Seattle LV to see if they have any in, but of course they didn't and the SA who picked up the phone wasn't able to tell me how long the waitlist was for them because it's against their store policy.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and happy shopping shopaholics!
  2. Try e-lux, you can sometimes catch them there. I got my azur 25 there, but I am returning maybe you can catch it when I return it!
  3. eLux doesn't ship to Canada :crybaby:but out of curiosity, why are you returning it?
  4. Generally you put your name down and your SA will call you when it comes so you have the opportunity to accept or decline. This has been the season's most unexcepted sold out permanent line Speedy. Hope you don't have to wait all that long. Good luck!
  5. Hey there, I'm also in Vancouver and I feel your pain! At LV here, they don't take a CC # or a deposit of any kind. They write your name and contact info on a piece of paper and call you, but I don't know how long these things take. I was also told 3-4 weeks about 3 weeks ago for the Azur Speedy 30 and I've heard nothing so far. I also heard recently that Edmonton LV has a bunch of Azur Speedies on the shelves, so maybe you can call them or 1-866-VUITTON and get a charge-send?
  6. I wear mostly dark colors, and I just can't get used to how light the bag is. It's a beautiful bag, but I just don't think I'll get as much use out of it as my classic monos.

  7. 3-4 weeks inst so bad..i talked to a SA at the Yorkdale this weekend and they told me it was a 6month wait! :wtf:
  8. You're kidding! I called 1-866 about a month ago cuz I was going to TO and they said that Yorkdale might have gotten some in but when I called they said the waitlist was very long. (I didn't know it was that long, though!) Time to do a charge-send somewhere else or go to the US! I got my cousin to get me one in LA, where there are no waitlists!