How do u get blacklisted from LV?

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  1. Hi ladies! Just curious on how you get blacklisted from LV? I saw a thread that one of tpf'er was blacklisted... What does one have to do? I never knew that LV does this:sad:
  2. most likely too many returns
  3. Ditto. I Can't think of anything else:confused1:
  4. What if you don't have any returns in 10 years?
  5. I would imagine that if you were buying in bulk (2+ bags at a time) you may be blacklisted. LV frowns upon resellers, especially for limited or discontinued items.
  6. Too many returns or returning a used bag or buying in multiples. They don't do this unless someone has done something pretty disreputable.
  7. Totally Agree :yes:

    My SA told me once there was this regular customer who purchased tonnes of LV stuff every month and based on her purchase record, they treated her as a VVIP customer. So each time when the limited edition pieces came in, they reserved and allowed her to get multiple pieces until one day, I'm not sure how, the people at LV found out she was helping her friend who owned a consignment store purchase those limited edition items and selling them at a premium. After that, she was BANNED big time!
  8. Do you mean buying multiples of the same item? What if you were able to buy a lot of bags and SLGs at once, all different and just for yourself? It would be totally unfair to get blacklisted like that!
  9. Yes, multiples of the same items. That's a big red flag.
  10. Disreputable is the "key" word here, disreputable actions bring consequences.
  11. But if your blacklisted cant you just go to a different LV store and give them a new name??? (not that i would do this) also if you are BL in one country are you BL around the world or just that country???
  12. The computersystem in different contries don't talk to each other, so I guess it's no problem to get it from an other contery.. And guess you just can go to a store they don't know you and say another name, its not like they ask you for ID in the store....
    I had to register in Norway, Italy, France and UK....
  13. Hypothetically, if someone was blacklisted - couldn't they just go to another LV location and always pay in CASH. Do they require your ID to make an LV purchase if paying in cash?

    But resellers do ruin it for the personal collector - buying up inventory increases the demand and then they can charge a premium for being a middleman.
  14. I'm think that a BL person can still go into an LV store and buy using cash or even a debit card. I have purchased several items from LV but it was only the last 2 purchases that the SA asked if I want be to registered with them.
  15. I honestly think LV only does this when there is a problem with a buyer.
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