How do RM bags hold up?

  1. Now that I finally got my matinee, I'm curious as to how RM bags in general hold up. I'd love to hear from you ladies who've had yours for a while: what signs of wear, if any, do yours have (eg, darkened handles, scuffed corners, etc)? How have the quality of materials and workmanship fallen below, met, or exceeded your expectations? Are RM bags sturdy, low-maintenance workhorses or or do they need proper care and attention? Please dish!
  2. Great question, I'd like to find out as well. I just bought my first (waiting for it to arrive) and would like to hear from owners that *USE* their bag.
  3. The bag and leather hold up very well in general. My only problem has been with the handles getting somewhat worn. I only have this problem on the basketweave bag so maybe it was something about that material? Anyone else have this problem?

    The body of the bag holds up gorgeously though. And I do stuff my bags very full of big heavy things. :smile:
  4. Good question. :tup: I am in the same boat - waiting for my matinee to arrive anyday!
  5. I think the leather holds up pretty well. Mine unfortunately was out in the rain before I had a chance to use protectant on it, and now it has little watermarks (and is a little puffy around the sides.. looks a little bit like there are air bubbles beteen the leather and the inner layer, if that makes sense.

    The leather has wrinkled a little bit, but it's only noticeable if you look at it up close. Otherwise, the colour has stayed the same and the leather is still amazing. I've had mine since nov (MAM)
  6. i am considering getting a MAM and am also wondering about the 'wear' etc. i'm now a little concerned about the handle thing. is there anyone else experiencing this??
  7. i have had mine since roughly 7 months. i use it almost every day and it has held up wonderfully! i have a navy MA and the color has held up and the leather has become squishier and softer. i loveee this bag, you will not be disappointed :tup:
  8. I have had my dark grey matinee since just before this past Thanksgiving. The leather has gotten softer and smooshier and shows absolutely no sign of scratches or wear. I conditioned it when I first got it, but have not had to since, and I have been using it nearly every day (if I change bags it is usually for not more than 1-2 days at a time). There were a few nicks on the handles that I treated with LMB's for handles treatment and they haven't gotten worse than when I first got the bag.
    No problems with the lining or hardware either.
  9. No problems either. I have 3 RM bags and the one I have used the most so far is my blue MAM. The leather definitely has gotten softer and smoother. It's alot slouchier too. When I first received it, the bag was somewhat stiff. The handles are fine. But then again I never use hands to carry any bag because I find it uncomfortable. I use it as an arm bag. No water spots either and I've had it in the rain. But then again I do spray protect every bag ASAP.

    My grey MA also has gotten softer. I haven't used it much at all (twice) but it's gotten softer and slouchier from just leaving it out. It was pretty stiff when I first got it and I didn't think it was possible for this bag to feel softer.

    My pewter/midnight matinee was the stiffest bag out of all of them. I've worn it the second most. The top part of the bag where the handles are is breaking in the most. It's kinda wrinkley but slouchier. The sides and bottom are still really stiff.

    I love my rm bags! They don't need additional attention. Just the usual spray and protect and occasional wiping down with a leather cleaner/lotion (which I only have done on the MAM). Definitely great quality. Scratches don't really show up and blend in as it softens up. It's really not noticeable at all and I'd have to look up really close to find any.

    Also wanted to add the hardware hasn't tarnished or anything like some other people have stated. It's fine like the day I got it.
  10. I just have my RM greyblue matinee for a months but last week I slipped very badly and the bag fell on to the dirty snowy street and i fell on top of it. I was sure that I ruined the bag but to my surprise it was fine and didn't even have a scratch. The water/snow drops just dried without leaving a mark and I could brush the dirt right off. So I guess they aren't to sensitive.
  11. First I'd like to say that RM bags (at least the ones I have) do seem to be built to really last a lot of wear.

    I've only used my Emerald MA a total of maybe 15 times since I last got it (December 07) -- and the Glazed Espresso Matinee everyday, so I'll review that.

    I definitely feel that the leather has something to do with the sturdiness (of course), and as mine is a pretty sturdy, glazed leather, it holds up very well. When it first arrived it could almost "stand up" on its own, and now it slouches more and the leather has gotten softer. I'm not very careful with my bags but I'm not hard on them either (I would say, average-careful with it); and I love how I don't have to worry about getting rain on (the glazed leather is really good with it) it.

    I've only cleaned and conditioned it twice (first when I got it, and then last week I cleaned it, terrified I'd dirtied it -- and there was hardly any dirt!), when I got it last November, with Coach cleaner and moisturizer.

    If you're really hard on your bags I would say the Glazed "COLOR OF LEATHER" descriptions of RM bags would be the hardiest! I love the leather of the Emerald and my Wine Get Away Tote, so soft -- but I would think that those leathers would show wear a bit more.
  12. I've used my Tomato Grace for almost 9 months and my Black Basket Weave MAM for almost 6 months and I use them daily for work. Both bags are are holding up very well, the leather just gets smooshier and the best thing is that even when rain gets on the leather there's no water spots.
  13. Is there a specific RM proctection spray? Or do you just have standard leather spray?
  14. hi~what do you use for a conditioner? i have mostly Coach and i have been using Apple conditioner. and also what is LMB? tia!
  15. ^ LMB is Lovin'MyBags. Here's a link to their items. :flowers: