How do I use my CC to pay someone thru PAYPAL?

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  1. please help? :confused1:
  2. wow- i didnt even know you could do that.. i want to know too
  3. I think you have to upgrade your paypal account in order to pay with a credit card. Not sure what % of your purchase that will cost you!
  4. Are you registered with Paypal? when I registered with them, I gave cc info and that was how I paid sellers who take Paypal. If you're already a Paypal member, they should have your cc info that they use to pay the seller. You won't have additional charges for using credit card/Paypal.
  5. You do? i just created an account and the option was already there for me to input my CC data. Try looking under the "Profile" tab when you're logged in.
  6. Sellers are required to upgrade to accept CC payments and the sellers are the ones who pay the PP fee, not the buyer. Anyone can add a CC to their account and, as a buyer, you pay nothing extra. As said above, log in to your PP account, go to "Profile" and then "Credit Cards" under the Financial Information header.

    Personally, I would NEVER pay for an Bay purchase with anything except a CC. When you pay with a CC you get protection from your CC company if you have a problem - something you don't get when paying with either existing funds or a bank transfer.
  7. i only have my bank/debit card that is when i pay, its coming straight from my bank acct.

  8. okay i figured it out, just switch ur cards, if ur debit is ur primary, just switch it to your credit card.
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