How do I post a poll?

  1. erm... this is probably a stupid question... but can someone teach me how to post a poll...? :worried:
  2. When you're done with your thread check that box that says new poll :biggrin:
  3. thanx! =)
  4. Figure it out? Noriko is right!
  5. yeap got it! =D
  6. thanks for the help.
  7. So when you make a poll you just click the box at the bottom that says "Yes, post a poll with this thread"...ok, then what? Where do you type in your choices for the poll or whatever??

    Do you just type them straight into the posting box (that I'm using now to post this message)? Do you list each choice like below:

    For example:


    ..and then it comes out as "choices" to the poll???? Ugh....:Push:

  8. if you want, try it, I'll delete it for you ;)

    Click on "New Thread"
    Post your thread/Poll title and description of the poll/thread.
    click the box: "Yes, post a poll with this thread"
    and select # of choices you want to give, you can edit this later ;)

    click on Submit I believe and it will give you the opportunity to customize the poll.

    LMK if you want to try.
  9. Ok, I just clicked "submit" and it brought up options for the poll. I got it now, Thx alot!!
  10. Thanks
  11. when you start a thread, scroll all the way down, there's a Poll option.
  12. ok, I see a poll option that asks if I want one and the number of poll options.

    Is that it? Where do we fill out the acutal options? Or do we type what it is we are creating the poll for in the message box? For example if I am asking about three styles of bags. I would check the poll box, and 3 poll options then in the message box I would put down the three styles?

    I am :confused1:
  13. You add a poll, enter how many options, then submit the thread, then the system lets you specify the options you want included in your poll.
  14. ^yep! It'll pretty much walk you through it.
  15. is it possible to create a poll where people can vote on more than one option? Thank you!