How do I make sure it's a MEDIUM Muse?

  1. So I'm making an online Xmas gift list ( and I have this dream that someone will want to buy me a $1000+ bag - probably unrealistic but I WILL be finishing grad school and turning 30 in the next year and those milestones might justify such a gift!

    Anyway, I have not actually seen a Muse in person (I plan to ASAP when workload allows!) but I love the photos and I am quite sure I want a Medium, being 5'2 and not loving big bags. I think I want a Chocolate, since I don't own any really "designer" bags yet and this first one should be versatile and classic. I have been scouring the Saks and NM websites and I can't for the life of me figure out which size is which. I want to put a direct link in my gift list to the bag. I tried NM online help but I got a male assistant and he told me he couldn't assist with selection as that was a customer's opinion! What are the dimensions for a medium? How do I make sure hubby or MIL don't order me a bag I could climb into (aka the XL)?

    Many thanks! I'm new to this board and it's bringing out my materialistic side, but hey, you can't take it with you, and I love the people here!
  2. I am 5'3.5" and I have the Medium Muse and love it! I think the large would be a little big for me. I saw it on the shelf but did not try it on though.
  3. I had a large and returned it for the medium. I think the medium will have much more longevity and makes much more sense for someone who isn't big. Good luck with your search! I noticed Saks doesn't seem to have the brown medium online, but try the YSL stores.
  4. Aaah - price is an easy way to tell. None of the 'spensive department stores have the chocolate medium online last I checked. I live in the SF Bay Area so it can probably be procured. I asked my husband what my chances were of procuring it for Xmas and he said only if we bought no other presents, including for him . . . so I guess no Muse from hubby right now. The big three-oh is in May though!
  5. Try going to Newman Marcus either in person or call them. I just got my large (oversized?) I seen to be confused between these two myself. But medium is easy enough to spot - it is 14' high vs the 17' large bag.
    But today I also saw the 19' bag there. It's the new color of the season with calf hair. It seems to be jumbo and bigger than the usual Large . Hope it helps.
    P.S. I also stopped by Saks and their selection was noticebly smaller. So try Newmans.
  6. For your height a medium is better than a large. :yes:
  7. The Medium will be perfect for you...any other size will SWAMP you!
  8. Actually, I'm 5'5 and the Oversized is fine on me, I think. A girlfriend of mine is 5'3 and she rocks the Oversized one fine, too, I think. It's about the attitude, not the size. :graucho:

    Honestly, I really wouldn't advise making the decision until you've actually held the items in your hands. I went to YSL and Saks a number of times and paraded back and forth past the mirror with the various sizes, in various states of dress, in varying colors a gazillion times before I decided the oversized was the right one for me.

    It's an expensive bag. Why make a blind decision?
  9. I am 5'1, I have the large (not oversized) choc muse. I think that it depends on height, weight, and preferece. Take you time and check it out you might be surprised, you may want larger than medium.
  10. I finally got in to see and try out the Muse. And surprise, surprise, I liked the large better. It fits over the shoulder better and it's just a better size for the style. I like the XL too but I'd use it more for travelling, not an everyday bag. I'm still trying to convince DH that I need this for my 30th bday in May. He thinks it's totally extravagant and
    I keep trying to show him that if I quit shopping between now and then it's not so bad.

    Still want the chocolate, although the ivory and the various crocs were scrumptious.