How do I get the hook on my Chloe Ascot repaired? r/o

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  1. I got a Chloe ascot tote on eBay and the seller disclosed the hook was broken and I'd like to get a new one. I emailed Chloe direct and they said take it back to where I bought it but I got it on eBay. Am I out of luck on this?


  2. There is a repair shop in New York city that will repair Chloe beautifully and it is the one that the NY store uses. You need to call them to get the name, (it escapes me now...) but they send their Chloe there and they do a great job. The manager there is "Megan."
    Also, there is another thread that talked about this and I think there is another repair place in SF that will do a wonderful job as well...Good luck :yes:
  3. Thanks so much - I'm in San Francisco so I'll look for the thread.