How do greys from different seasons compare??

  1. Am I imagining, or is the 05 grey darker than the 06 grey? Can anyone confirm?
  2. It is darker than the 06 grey but the leather is beautiful! It is thick and smooshy unlike the 06 grey bbags that I've seen. =)
  3. The 05 leather is gorgeous and smooshy.....the color is only slightly darker - depending on the light.
  4. Posting a pic of my 06 Grey
  5. ^that is beautiful:love:. thanks for posting that pic.:flowers:
  6. I do like Nicholas as a designer, actually he is brilliant!
    But his entire collection of bags for Balenciaga, in my opinion was very poor.
    Not only are the designs non-descript... but the quality is shamefull.
  7. Another pic of the '06 Grey. I love it, I feel that it's very soft and smooshy too.:shrugs:
    (4) Balenciaga - Twiggy (Grey - 06)  - 1055.JPG
  8. My garsh, that was like a fart in church. :upsidedown:
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    Your comment cracked me up Roo! I was trying to think of a response to Florencia's comment but you took the words right out of my mouth.

    What a bizzare thing to say.........:confused1:
  10. This is a non sequitur.
  11. :flowers: Grey 05
    :flowers: Grey 04
    DSC00298.JPG Milly 006.jpg
  12. ^thank you 1_b! great pictures, both of them. Looks like the 04 grey is slightly different also!

    Also, what a fab view you have!!
  13. Thanks for sharing pics Ladies !!!
    Really love 05 Grey !!!
  14. ^Paris, do you also like 05 grey more than 06 grey?
  15. Roo! :roflmfao: So true...