How Did You Become Interested in Designer HAndbags?

  1. I searched for a thread like this but didn't find one, or if just missed it..:confused1: But they had this posted on eBay

    So I was wondering how you became interested in designer handbags?

    Ive always liked designer bags ever since i started reading magazines and they would show all this gorgeous and exotics bags with price tags [​IMG] that made my eyes get big haha But i it wasn't til a few months ago i began noticing all these beautiful designer handbags everyday, and probably the devil wears prada movie :p It was at the end of september i got my first designer bag. A Grape "it" barrel bag by dooney and bourke from eBay and a few days later i found a db all weather leather authentic bag at goodwill for 2 dollars, then a couple weeks later i visited my my family in florida and at the orlando outlet i got a coach, a coach wristlet, and a dooney and bourke anniversary bag, and this past month i ordered a juicy couture bag from Nordstroms, but i have my eye on a marc by marc jacobs lovely clutch [​IMG] I dont make a lot of money so i can only buy the less expensive ones :p But i still look haha even the anna corrina city bag is catching my eye, and i am obsessed with the burberry nova check [​IMG]
  2. For me, it started with the show What Not To Wear. First, I learned how to dress well in clothes that fit right. Then, I noticed that my only handbag that I wore every day for two years just didn't look right with the nice clothes. That started my search for great handbags to go with the new outfits.
  3. My mom's not really into purses so it's not because of her. She's always had something ultra practical like Coach leather and she never changes bags. She's not really into logos or designers either. I never really wanted designer purses until she handed down some Coach to me :shrugs:
  4. I always liked purses, and then when Juicy tracksuits first came into style I started seeing juicy purses everywhere, and "needed" one. When I was buying my first juicy, i discovered coach and fell in love. And then I saw Angelina Jolie carrying around a black bal city, and fell in love with THAT too. Didn't start making enough money until this year to afford it tho :p
  5. My grandmother got me into them! Of all people, she definitely supports my bag addiction. She likes all of her bags, but especially her Louis Vuittons!
  6. Through my mother! Boy, did she create a monster!
  7. My first was a Juicy leather fluffy bag on my 20th birthday in 2003. Then I moved on to Marc by Marc Jacobs and it went on from there. I recently entered into the realm of Bbags and I know there is no turning back now,haha.
  8. I am almost 40 and started my love of purses at age 7. I loved leather and went to the leather store, bought some natural vachetta leather and leather thread, and sewed a small bag. I have always loved leather, but could never afford Dooney & Bourke when I was growing up in the 80's and plus I didn't like those bags with the ducks back then, but I did always wonder at them because everyone said they were so durable. I bought nice bags that were around $40, which was a lot for a 13 year old back in the early 80's. I remember one beautiful hobo which I donated last year that had shades of cream and gray exotic animal skins. I wish I hadn't given it away! At age 30, I bought 2 Perlina bags that were originally over $200 each on sale 50% off and felt guilty bc it was the most I had spent on a bag at that point. Then, a few years ago I saw a Coach tote at the BX (military store) marked down to $50 (no tax either) from over $200 and I bought it. Then another one, this time over $200, a poppy duffle and I was hooked. I worked my way up to Zac Posen, Botkier, Kooba, Chloe, Kate Spade, & Marc Jacobs. I have yet to buy a LV but my sis has quite a few. I'm too deeply in debt now but I will get one when I get a full-time job.
  9. I've carried handbags since I was about 10! It's amaxing how you are always well dressed if your bag is nice!
  10. I remember when I had my first Coach bag. I was 18 and I have been saving up my money for a while then I decided to get myself something nice. I learned about handbags from my friends since I would see them carry Coach and Juicy.
  11. I was never interested in purses ever till college. I think it was the uniqueness of the style/pattern and how it could be exclusive-ish. Also the fact that I can afford them with my own finances so it feels great to own these lovelies! I guess I learn to be more of a girl since I thought ONLY a wallet is necessary and pockets for it. But I find more things to put in thus needing a bag. So that's how it started my interest and soon my "obsession" (people like to say that to me, but I don't buy it knowing there are plenty of other girls on this board who love bags more than I do!).

    Also knowing some people and looking at other forums, seeing how certain designer labels appear every so often, I just gotta check the bags out!
  12. i wasn`t interested in bags until i turned 17! my cousin gave me my first coach which was a signature swingpack. i loved it and i felt sooooooo cool being the only girl working at mcdonalds with a coach so i decided to build my collection. then i decided to get into designer jeans so i wouldn`t look like a complete bopper/tween lol
  13. I'm not really sure exactly why I became interested in designer bags... maybe it is just part of Texas woman culture to carry certain types of handbags. The big brands I remember being popular while I was growing up were Coach, D&B, King Ranch (local brand), Brahmin, and those LL Bean monogrammed totes.

    So I started picking up Coach stuff at outlets on deep discount and I got addicted to the thrill of chasing good deals on designer bags. Interestingly, I'm not into any other designer fashion... and I consider myself very thrifty.
  14. A good friend of mine is to blame (er, thank?) for my appreciation a.k.a. obsession. She gave me a Coach wristlet for Christmas a few years ago and there was no going back. There I was, happy and content with Nine West and Kenneth Cole...adamant never to spend more than $100 on bags. Ha! Who was I kidding? All it took was one wristlet and I cracked. :shame:

    I went through a Coach phase that lasted a couple of years. Now I have my eyes (and claws!) on Chloe and Balenciaga...
  15. i like bags. but wasn't too crazy about them until i graduated from college.
    i started my collection by vintage bags i found at vintage shops, i love how the quality of those old leathers, and since then i'm obsessed in finding vintage bags on eBay. and that's when it all began LOL