1. regarding SAPIN: I've never been a "green" person. Some pf-ers here are saying that it's a really deep dark green. is it almost black?

    what does it look like in the sunlight? is it an obvious green or does it pass for black with a greenish tone? is it as rich as plain black?

    i have a chance today to pick up a style in the sapin so i'm wondering if i should get that or black.
  2. It is really dark, almost black. In the sunlight you will see the green much more. I like it though, a great fall color.
  3. i've heard the leather is some of the best on the new bags and it's more interesting than black IMO...i'd say go for the sapin!
  4. sapin does not look black. it is a very dark green, but looks like a deep conservative green. the best bag of the season i saw so far was a sapin city, but then again i saw some pleather-like work sapins.... but there are alot of nice leather sapins!
  5. I like the Sapin, at least the ones I've seen at Barneys. It's definitely a green though--not black. But it's very very dark. Almost like a midnight green, if you can imagine what that would look like
  6. Well, as a owner of a Sapin bag, I must agree with C-whore and Susan-E...Sapin does not look black. I think when you look at it in unflatering store flourescent lighting or if it is photgraphes indoors, it does look dark, but in reality it is a deep forest green. It's lovely and in my opinion the best of all the Fall 06 leathers, along with rouge_vif and caramel.
  7. I thought that I wasn't a green person but I just bought a sapin purse and I just love it:love: It's a very dark forrest green but unless you#re colourblind it wouldn't pass as black at all. :graucho: (just kidding)Most sapins I saw had wonderful leather and this was actually the reason which convinced me. Here's a pic in daylight.
  8. The City bag I got in Sapin was dark ... way too dark for my taste. I felt that I would have been happier with black than such a dark green. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks... ;)
  9. Really beautiful leather on you sapin Tanja!!
  10. Thanks Beaux and I just can say DITO for yours! I just love this bright red!!
  11. I like my sapin City as it is a deep dark rich green. I would call it deep forest green .. when I first saw it, it reminded my of our previous Rover Hunter Green convertible. (sigh, had to sell it as the hood mechanism was going bonkers)
    The Sapin I have is not too grainy, in fact, it is more smooschy and rich compared to the other 05-06 Bbags I have.. my rouge and ink are more papery veiny...
  12. ^^Same for me (about my rouge vif) - my 2006 s/s black city is much more veiny and thinner than my matte, thick, smooshy vif bag.
  13. I agree with lucid... sapin is like a hunter/forest green. It's a dark green. IMO.. a nice alternative to black. I got to see 3 sapin purses at NM last month and they all had different leather qualities but they were unlike the veiny ones of the prior 2 seasons. It varied from smooth and semi-matte to very matte and soft with lots of texture (I liked that one the most).
  14. i don't think you could really mistake sapin for black unless you are in really really dim lighting. it is really a dark forest green.... it reminded me of a christmas tree color.
  15. The Sapin Work I saw in the store wasn't anywhere close to black.

    It's a deep dark green - sorta mossy green.

    I'm not typically a green person, I thought the Sapin was really pretty!