How comfortable is the chanel 2.55?

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  1. Hi guys, I've been planning to buy the chanel 2.55 in black, but i don't know if it 's not too small. The thing is, i would like to wear it during the day also- i think it looks great with jeans. This extra inside flap seems to me takes already a lot of available space. Is there someone who owns one and could share with me her experience. Thank you very much!:biggrin:
  2. I have a black 2.55! There isn't a lot of space inside. About all I can fit into it is a men's wallet and my cell phone. My keys are too clunky and it scratches up the leather interior.

    Comfort's not an issue for me. Because you can't fit much inside the bag, it's never very heavy. The chain handles might bother some people but I don't mind them at all.

    My Chanel:
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  3. Hi,

    I have one too! Black with silver hardware. It's a gorgeous bag. Yes, there's not much space unfortunately, and I don't carry my keys too. But who cares, the bag is gorgeous and looks good with anything!!! Enjoy your bag.
  4. Thank you guys for your replies! You both seem to be very happy with the bag, so i think i will join you and buy it! About keys: i was always afraid to scratch my purses with my keys. What i do (since quite many years already)is that i use one of those closed keyholders (I use one from Louis Vuitton). They look like a mini wallet and are pretty flat so they don't occupy much space. You might want to consider that.
    Ok, now i have to decide wether i want the bag with the silver or the gold hardware...
  5. how much is the chanel 2.55... ?? :smile:
  6. I have the Reissue or Anniversary bag. It was $2090.
  7. I love mine, very's the large 227 size. Fits a huge wallet and keys, lipstick..... GORGEOUS hardware in SILVER!

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  8. I think they've raised the prices since I got mine. At the time I thought with tax they were $1200, but these days it seems like they're more? I'm sure someone can give you current information.
  9. I have a reissue grey 2.55 in 226 size. I LOVE IT!! Perfect to use as a day/ evening bag! :nuts:

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  10. Hi. I am new to this forum and I don't fnow if I am doing this right. I bought the classic chanel flap bag caviar two days ago and have been contemplating to exchange it with the reissue. My thing is that I worry about the nail marks that the reissue would get since I am very tough on my bags. Pls help. I have the exact bag Intlset has a photo of.
  11. Wait, so ChloeSS... would yours be considered the medium and Star's the large?
  12. Hey Intlset, is that the reissue because I went to the Chanel store and they told me that this was the classic flap...that the reissue had a different closure and leather?
  13. I think ChloeSS's is medium size and Star is large reissue in 2:27 just like mine.


    Chanel 02.JPG
  14. Thanks, Sweetea!! OMG, I need to see your whole bag collection!! :nuts:

    Okay, medium = 226??? I think that's what I'd like and hopefully that's what my S/A (David!) is holding for me.
  15. :lol: :nuts: I called David this morning for the white BV tote and he has one on hold for me but I think I am going for the hazelnut hobo instead. I am going to check tomorrow. Hopefully NM or Saks have the hazelnut hobo at their store.

    I am surprise NM still has the reissue in grey in medium. I think I saw the white one in large last week.

    Congrats Daisy! Hope you will get it and post pics!!! :nuts: :nuts: