How come on ebay I can't edit my listing ?

  1. Hi fellow pFers,
    I just listed a bag on eBay and for some odd reason I forgot to add something in the listing but now i can't seem to edit my listing. It says something about eBay sometimes putting selling limits on some accounts and something else about getting verified. I'm already verified with paypal and my eBay account is linked to my paypal so I don't know what's going on ? Can someone help ? Is there anyway I can get my selling limit lifted..I don't even know why I have it in the first place..this is my first time even selling anything on ebay..I usually just purchase so I'm really confused.

    Anyways thanks for any help! :smile:
  2. I'm stumped. My best suggestion is to go to eBay Live Help and ask them. They're pretty good about answering all kinds of stuff and you get an answer right then and there.
  3. Though ebay and PayPal are one and the same- ebay verification is a separate process. If memory serves me correctly it cost $5.00 and is completed in seconds.
  4. I think they have just put an automatic restriction on your account. This has happened to me before. Contact live help and ask them what you need to do to get the restriction lifted. Unfortunately, you might have to wait a while, and you won't be able to edit during that time. It's really annoying. I hope you get it straightened out!
  5. Oh okay! Thanks you so much! I was beginning to get really frustrated with ebay and their new policies!
  6. same thing happened to me when I was trying to sell my Chanel pumps. I wanted to edit my listing, but when I did , they took off my listing because of a limit. I, then, contacted Live Help and they told me to email veros I think..after a couple of hours, everything went back to normal, and they relist my item
  7. thats the same thing that was happening to me, everytime i've listed my item it won't edit or list my items , they also put a limit restriction on my account... this ebay is sucks.... and yet there tons of fake bag / seller selling unlimited fake stuff.... its very annoying.

    and i don't think there is nothing you can do w/ this , just to wait fro 7 days??? thats what it said to me on the email.