How come I still didn't get THAT phone call

Jun 4, 2006
Gals, how come I still didn't get thet phone call from any of the chanel store I have been on waitlists for my lovely bronze baby cabas?? :crybaby:

How come beverly hills still didn't get that color??

I am sad......
^ oh Jill, believe me, I have called so many times!!! When I went to BH chanel and bought the pearl necklace, the SA assured me that I am #1 and she WILL call me when it just seems like their store STILL got none in bronze.....

From past experience they usually call like on Wed or Thu. So I am hoping, wishing, dreaming, praying that she will call me tomorrow.....otherwise I will call tomorrow to check...

This is worse than waiting for your lover to call you......
^ I know, by now the entire purse blog chanel forum already knows that I am DYING to try to get this's been almost 2 months now......

I am just so pissed that other stores/dept stores already got a couple when BH still has none!!!! When I am #1 on the list!!!
^call other stores..I just happened to call a store as someone turned down a black baby cabas.Its mine now!!LOL!

I have been so busy at work I am not really able to call around during the day.......and I really want to get it locally so I can go pick up the bag (I have had numerous problems with packages mailed to me) and also I want to be able to check and make sure it has no problems (knowing that some chanel bags, as lovely as they are, are less than perfect with some flaws.....)
you and me both.... i think by that time they actually get to me (since i am way down on the list) i prob do not want it anymore...

Which store list are you on? I am on 4 lists since I want to make sure I can really get it, but I am most hopeful on the BH chanel list since I am the first there....other lists are more like backup but I am not too hopeful with them since I am not really the front few ones on those lists.

I want this bag so much that it's like the first thing I think about when I wake up!
I'm still waiting too. I'm on the wait list at two Nordstrom stores and I'm not #1 on either of them. I am hoping that between the two stores I'll get lucky because I won't buy from NM, Saks or a boutique (personal preference).
I found out tonight that Nordstrom in Seattle received one bronze Cabas in already. The store is getting only two khaki bags, and I was number 3 on the list.

Well, the first person passed and the second person purchased the bag. So, the second khaki coming in is mine, but Denise has NO idea when it is scheduled to arrive. She said "Chanel is mean to us". They don't send all the units of a style at one time, which means my bag could arrive as early as tomorrow or as late as a few weeks to MONTHS from now!