How can you tell a fake Hermes from the real thing?

  1. I was given a Kelly 25 bag a few days ago - not to sure whether it is real or not. I've never owned anything Hermes before so I started roaming the net to see what information I can get about it and I came upon this forum.

    My question is how can you tell whether it is real or not?
  2. Sorry, we do not support fakes and therefore we also do not share information on how to spot a fake, and we most certainly do not support scammers.

    If you want, post clear, close-up pictures of your new bag (interior, exterior etc) in the Authenticate thread and have the Hermes exports here tell you.
  3. Thanks so much for letting me know. I'm new to this forum and I'm afraid I don't know how it works yet.
  4. Great response mrss!:flowers:

    Hermes 4 Me- look forward to seeing those pics of your new Kelly in the Authenticate thread.
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