how can u tell its a fake spy ?

  1. i've only loved the spy through pics and i've only seen it maybe few times and only from far, so i couldnt really inspect it..(hehe i must do this, im the james bond of bags:biggrin: ) but i want to know how can u tell if u saw a fake?:oh:

    i understand there r the first class fakes and i've seen some on ebay and i couldnt tell!:blink:

    tell me how u do it?:cool:
  2. Well, first is the listing price. No one will get an authentic Fendi spy for 2, 5, or even 7 hundred $$. Second is the leather. Look for the "bubbles" in the leather. True Nappa leather is very distinctive. Third, the tags/serial #'s. Are the tags sewn in crooked or are the serial #'s crooked or just off? Is the hologram square peeling off or crooked? Forth, hanging yellow tags or any tags for that matter. The only tag hanging off the bag should be a store retail tag (if the bag is new of course..)
  3. agree...too low price = watch out!
  4. but what if i see someone carrying it?:blink:
    is it just the leather?
    i can tell if its a fake chanel or dior or lv..its usually erm...obviouse..even from the pics but the spy i couldnt tell from the pics to be honest!:graucho:
  5. yes, the leather is very "turtle-y" or "pebble-y" in texture and will vary all around the sides of the bag.
  6. Well, I guess the best tip off would be the leather. If it has a smooth texture, it's fake. I'm guessing that would be the only way to tell by looking at a strangers bag (unless you want to ask them to see the inside or how much they paid for it!:amuse: )

    The first 2 pics are of my spys (when I had them) Notice how bumpy & distressed the leather looks. The last 2 are of fake ones I randomly got off Ebay (took 2 seconds to find those!)
    72_1.jpg df_1.jpg 118922894.jpg 1143843429045_DSC09321.jpg
  7. ^yeah, those last two are :yucky:
  8. I think hologram spys are not that difficult to differentiate between an authentic and a fake...IMO...

    because of the leather striations it is very difficult to imitate.
  9. True, but there are unlikely to be fake hologram spys because they are very hard and expensive to imitate. Imitation good makers just want to make a quick buck. It's a lot easier and economical to make plain leather ones.
  10. i agree with wut everyone else said...the leather is the easiest way to tell bc the spy nappa leather is a bit..."wrinkly." its not super smooth and its suppose to be so soft..haha..also pay attention to the handles. i actually HAD a classmate who carried a FAKE spy to class, and it was so embarrassing bc she sat across from me, and saw my REAL spy..:amuse:

    she had the fake CLOTH spy..the cheaper one..on THAt particular one,the handle does NOT have spikes..but i guess she bought a bad replica bc her handles had the spikes :blink::lol: such a dead yea, pay attention bc different spy bags have different designs and they vary in some details..
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    miss alice

    thank u all for ur input:yes:
    im having eye laisac surgery next month so its gonna be easier for me to check on the leather and spot the fakes:biggrin:
  12. You're welcome! Good luck on your surgery- I had the LASIK done & it's such an incredible thing!

  13. acegirl

    thanx alot:flowers: ur so kind:yes:
  14. the two you had are beautiful :love: