How can I remove marks from vachetta

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  1. I have bought a preloved azur galleria and I want to try and clean the dark discolouration lines from the buckle. Has anyone done this before and what did you use. Thanks in advance😀
  2. I used the vachetta cleaner from "Loving My Bags", even though the boutique told me not to. I was pleased with the final result.
  3. I used a product called Soft Gum for my Galliera's. It's just a rubber stick used for dry cleaning on leather. You just rub the marks gently and they disappear. Here's an eBay link for the product, This is not the seller that I bought it from, I just did a quick search. It also works on patent leathers. I've used it on my Cosmic Blossom pochette and it erased little marks that baby wipes did not wipe away. I've been pleased with it so far. Hope this helps!
  4. For marks, I used a clean white eraser (like pencil eraser) and that worked for me! I plan on treating with lmb too when I have time.
  5. Thank you all, I will try your methods😀
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    I pulled out my bag hoping that I could remove a mark for you but I did a good job before I put it away. :lol: My Monogram does have the new rings with plastic inside but it does still leave the black marks on the vachetta. I'll show you the results of the Soft Gum on my bag.

    ^the marks are usually here along the leather trim of the bag^

    ^and here on the underside^

    ^again on the leather trim^

    ^again on the underside^

    soft gum.png
  7. Thank you toomanywantmore (what a perfect name), I'm going to order one, your bag looks great😊
  8. Thanks for the info. I have never heard about it before. Is it more like a magic eraser or a pencil eraser, do you need to wet it before applying, does the leather change texture after it? Thanks.
  9. :giggles: It fits me. They are more expensive than erasers but I think it works better. As long as you brush gently, it's a really great product. Thank you.
    You're welcome! I was watching a video and curiosity got the better of me. It's made in Germany and the only place I've found this brand is on eBay. It's not like a magic eraser at all, more like a pencil eraser but slightly different texture. It's hard to explain. You use it dry, straight out of the box and on your bag. The leather doesn't change texture at all as long as you are gentle. I think any harsh rubbing on vachetta with any product may do damage. If you have a stubborn or darker mark, best to tackle it in stages. It does work wonders on the marks left by the hardware. I am very glad to have found it.
  10. Thank you, good to know. Do you mostly use it to remove the hardware marks, or other types of dirt/stains as well? Does it work better than LMB or just a plain white eraser? Thank you again for sharing.
  11. On vachetta, I use it for the hardware marks and light dirt. It will work for jean color transfer too. Last time I wore this bag, I got transfer on the piping and it rubbed away easily. I used it on the trim that runs around the opening of the Galliera for light dirt and it worked well. On Vernis (I had a Zippy and Cles), it will rub away the marks that look like light scuffs. I didn't have a good experience with LMB so I no longer use that product. I followed the instructions but it darkened my vachetta. If it were a shade or two, I wouldn't mind but I was pretty upset with the results. I ended up using the sock method to remove everything that I applied (looked SO much better) and sold the bag. I know people love it but it wan't for me. I personally think it works better than the eraser. The texture is softer so it won't leave a rub as easy on your vachetta. You still have to be gentle with it though.
  12. Thanks, sounds like a good one and easy to use.
  13. you can try magic eraser but be very gentle
  14. Here's an update on using the staedtler mars plastic erasor.
    I used it on the black marks on my preloved azur galleria pm.


    Still there but much better

    I have ordered the collonil leather erasor and will give that a try too.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393382335.195894.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393382356.649664.jpg
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393382398.352362.jpg the dark buckle marks are proving harder to shift,any ideas for these.
    Your thoughts would be most welcome😃
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    Wow, good job, the "after" pictures look fantastic! I have also used the Apple Guard cleaner and conditioner with good results, followed by the Apple Guard rain and stain repellant on the vachetta.