How can I not love Nordstrom!!

  1. My favorite SA from Nordstrom called me this afternoon saying that she has the new Taupe color paddy buyer's tote in which is what I want. So I said go ahead to place the order for me. Then she called me 5 mins later said she thought the bag is $1540 which the price for buyer's tote should be $1910.00. So she rang the bag at price $1540.00 anyway for me. I was so surprise and asked her whether that will give her any trouble by honoring the cheaper price for me. She said she asked her manager and got approval regarding this. It saves me $370.00 plus tax. I felt soohappy not only because I got lovely bag in cheaper price than I thought but also felt I am treated well as a customer by Nordstrom.:idea:
  2. That's so nice! I love Nordy's too!!!
  3. What a lucky gal! Nordstrom SAs are the best!
  4. Wow! Good customer service :amuse:
  5. They have such awesome customer service there... Yay for the discount! :smile:
  6. fab - post pics when you got em!
  7. Wow, almost too good to be true. So happy for you!
  8. OOOOOH~~~ So happy for you! You must have been meant to have this bag!!! :smile:
  9. Such a great story! Love to hear good reports of stores and SAs - especially when so many bad ones abound. And wow, that really shows what kind of mark-up there is on these items. I'm sure even after the discount they gave you, there's still a profit margin of some degree.

    Congrats on getting the bag you wanted! Yeah and you know the drill.. pics!
  10. Wow what great luck; Nordstroms does have the best customer service. :biggrin:
  11. Wow! The bag you wanted and at a discounted price! Lucky you. Nice SA!!
  12. What a deal! I have always had good luck and good experiences with Norstrom. Congrats on the new bag, and the discount! PICS!!!
  13. Tons of Chloes at Nordys today....never seen so much inventory.
  14. I'm sure that's the best feeling...getting the exact bag you want at an unexpected discounted rate. Yah for you!!!
  15. Great price! That was very nice of her.