How bored are you @ work?

  1. And as a consequence, how often do you check TPF during your working hours?
  2. if the work pisses me off i can spend the whole 8 hours on PF minus lunch break when im resting away from comp hihi ;)
  3. It's very slow at work so I'm bored & find myself on TPF at least 2 hours while at work.
  4. Soooo bored - unfortunatly there's no pc to check tPF, and even if there was I wouldn't have time as I'm always run off my feet. It's just the monotony of the daily routine that gets to me, even though I'm always busy.
  5. Soo bored anywhere from 1-3 hours, thank god for tpf
  6. i'm always on. i keep the explorer minimized on my toolbar. and i have the toolbar to the right so harder to see he he
  7. I'm on here every so often during the day at work..makes time fly...oh the joy of office jobs.
  8. SO glad to hear I'm not alone!!
  9. Very bored.
    TPF makes the time go by faster...
  10. I'm on here from start to finish. Seriously, work is sooo boring. Zzzzzzzz....
  11. lol. im at work right now! i sneak on every now and then.

    good thing they didnt block it..yet.

  12. Very bored, off and on tPF all day long!
  13. I can't even describe how bored. We go through slow periods (we are going through one right now), where I'm literally on tPF or some other message board for the full 8-9 hours I'm there.
  14. me too and Im always bored amen for the purse forum
  15. I can tell today is going to be a boring day ! haha so TPF will be ON!