How are you liking your Speedy zipper?

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  1. For all who have bought the new style Speedy with the internal zipper, how are you liking it?
    Does it make the side with the zipper sag more than other side? Do you find it useful or annoying?
    Would love to hear your opinions!
  2. I bought my Speedy last month and mine has the zipper pouch and no I don't find it annoying I actually like it and I do find it useful. Keeps my little needs in place. And no it's doesn't make the bag sag more. Hope that answers your question.
  3. Definitely! Thanks for your input! I'm thinking of getting the Speedy B 25, but didn't originally like how they changed the classic like that, but slowly I've been thinking I might change my mind if people like it. I don't use that pocket on my other Speedies, but then I was thinking... Maybe I would if there was a zipper? Thanks again!
  4. Do all the speedy's have this new zipper ? Meaning the b version too , Azur , mono , and DE . Thanks !!!!
  5. My SA said yes. All. And she showed me the Speedy 25b mono with it.