How are we feeling about bronze as a bag color?

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  1. I bought the YSL bronze calfskin Easy from Blue Fly. The color is dreamy--a brownish copper that is not super metallic but has a nice shine and depth. My concern is, is it a good color for this season?

    Grey and olives seem very popular and I've seen some pewter metallics. But what about bronze?
  2. I personally love bronze. It can add great interest and pizazz to an otherwise basic and sophisticated wardrobe. Great bag purchase!
  3. i love it! have yet to own one thought!
  4. yes yes yes

    love it! go for it if you have a chance
  5. I love all metallics. Bronze is great! And I think it is perfect for fall.
  6. I definitely agree! Bronze is a perfect color for this time of year. And it matches a ton of other colors too. I especially like bronze and royal blue or purple together. :smile:
  7. I saw a nice MK Hamilton in bronze, i love!
  8. Sounds gorgeous and more nuanced than some metallics. :smile:
  9. true, it's easier to carry than gold
  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback. It's a keeper! Check out the YSL area for my post (on a YSL kick; first the roady now an easy) for a couple of photos.
  11. Your bag sounds great and a very clever colour choice. I used to have a MBMJ metallic bronze satchel, and think about it every so often.
  12. Metallic tones like Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze are in trend for past many seasons. YSL bronze calfskin Easy is nice & perfect for any season. The only thing is color rub off will definitely occur in time. I will buy a Paint Marker of similar tone to touch up.

    I even custom made my bedframe wrapped in Coppery Bronze Leather, it goes well with any color bedsheets, i match it with Red, Purple, Brown, Pink be it Plain, Jacquarded or Embroidered, all look great. If i put a Fur throwl on it will look even more luxurious.
  13. I love the metallic colours - anyone got a photo of this "bronze" please?
  14. Metallic colors rock!
  15. I love bronze! I feel it's one of the most versatile colors! I checked out your thread in the YSL forum and love the way it looks against black! It has pop! Beautiful bag!! Enjoy!