How are the shoes from Zara???

  1. I just noticed that a new mall about an hour away from me has a Zara store. I think it may be the first Zara location in the USA!

    I've seen many posts here and elsewhere on the web about their shoes. It seems they're very popular in Europe. I think they're fairly inexpensive (under $100), but I'm wondering what the quality is like?

    Can some of you Europeans tell me what to expect? Are they made from real leather, or are they usually synthetic? Are the soles leather?

    Are they comfy? True to size?

    Most importantly, is it worth dropping everything and taking an hour drivejust to check out? :smile:
  2. I've only seen the Zara shoes in Europe, so the shoes may be different in the US. My opinion was that they were like the clothes: serviceable, and OK, but certainly not great quality. The ones I saw were real leather but not necessarily fantastic quality leather. I don't think they'd fall apart on you this year or anything, but certainly I wouldn't expect them to last 5-10 years.
  3. Zara shoes are unspectacular. The styles are pretty good - on par with their clothes, but the quality is really shotty. You can get better for the same price such as Nine West and so on. Their leathers are very stiff, I think most of the time not even real leather. The soles often rock-hard and I can't imagine how one would walk in them. Another thing, they line up their shoes in the stores, displaying all the sizes, instead of putting out a style and then getting the size for you when you want to try them on. To me that's a huge indicator of what kind of quality the shoes are (not good.)
  4. Theres a couple of Zara's in the NYC area. Shoes aren't that expensive but you get what you paid for. I'd rather invest in something more expensive that will last me more than one season.
  5. i agree with the above posters. they tend to be really cute, but their fit and quality is not so cute. invest your money elsewhere.
  6. i totally dont recommend them i had shoes half the price of Zara ones that were much more comfortable.:tdown:
  7. Hi! I think that Zara shoes are cute! :yes:
    I have a pair of white ballerina and a pair of boots. Yes, they are made of leather. Average price is between 50 euro to 100 euro. They are really better than H&M shoes.
    I am going to attach the pics of my shoes. The only problem, at least here in Italy, is that often you don't find your size (if you wear 39/40 like me).



    I would suggest you to go to the store and check, they have quite good quality cloths. For sure better than H&M. They have great basic cloths! :yes:
  8. Zara shoes hurt!
  9. There's actually a ZARA boutique in Mall of Millenia in Orlando. I've checked out their shoes and they're 'okay' IMO, not the best quality though.
  10. Yep I agree...the are all "looks" but really hard leather. All their shoes are inspired you can find from Louboutin to Prada lookalikes, but quality is really bad.
  11. does poor quality of the shoes is the reason why your feet is hurt?
  12. I think it depends on the model you buy. My pair of boots doesn't hurt at all. The ballerina are ok too. But before buying shoes I always try them for a long time in the store to be sure.
    It's not necessary that poor quality = hurt, there is for sure a link but it depends also on the model and on the shape of the feet in my opinion. I tried Prada and Gucci so umconfortable shoes!