How are the Armarante holding up?

  1. For those who bought the beautiful Armarante items how are they holding up? I know fingerprints are a issue and wanted to ask now that you have used your items what are your thought?
  2. i returned mine, the fingerprints were just too much. it always looked dirty.
  3. I was thinking of getting it in a cles. I love the color!
    Will fingerprints be a problem on small accessories too? :confused1:
  4. Brilliantly! I love my pieces. So far I have the Roxberry Drive, Sunset Blvd., Key and Change Holder (aka Cles) and the Pegasse and matching Train case (oops, can't remember the correct name for it).
    I don't notice a big problem with fingerprints.
    I'd like to add a wallet to my collection but I did return the agenda, only because I found it too small. Now if they made that piece in the medium size, I'd be all over it!
  5. I have the Rosewood and the Koala Wallet. I use the Koala wallet every day and she is beautiful. She does have fingerprints on her but I wipe them off. I haven't used the Rosewood recently since I have too many bags.
  6. I have the Rosewood and the cles. i use the Rosewood a lot (it's my only LV bag, so it's my HG bag at the moment:biggrin: ). The Rosewood doesn't have much probs w/ fingerprints, as it has handles. The cles does have issues w/ fingerprints (i'm sort of obssessive/anal with this kinds of things) but i just wipe them off. plus with the cles you can hold it by the keyholder part so it's not a big deal.

    and the amarante color is TDF...especially if u live in a sunny place like me, you always get a chance to see the color in's amazing and gorgeous.
  7. I've only used mine thrice, so naturally it's holding up perfectly. I've used it for clubbing each time though, so it's not like it hasen't been used at ALL even though I've only taken it out thrice.
  8. I've only used my rosewood for a few days and did not notice any fingerprints on it ... however, my french purse always had prints ... was a little annoying at first, but I just keep wiping them off. Couldn't part with it ... I love the color too much.
  9. I can't deal with the finger print thing, but the color is SO pretty!!!
  10. I return my agenda, wallet and cles - especially in daylight the fingerprints bugged me.
    I exchange them all for Pomme - which is working out great.
  11. Love my Sunset! No problems:heart: Would love a cles too!:smile:
  12. Fingerprints don't bother me, they just wipe right off, no big deal. :tup:
  13. i have no problems with mine - i have the cles, koala wallet, sunset blvd, and the summit drive.. i love them all - fingerprints aren't an issue for me at least :smile:
  14. No problems with my Summit Drive --- a few fingerprints, but I don't see that as a problem since it can be wiped off pretty easily. Looks good as new!
  15. the finger prints drive me mad with my four key holder. they make it look really dull. dont have that problem with pomme though. i do use it everyday, its always covered in fingerprints because i only carry that and my ID.