How are OH DEER's Sizing?

  1. I want to get a pair of OH DEER shoes however online the smallest size they have is a 6. Do they usually run true to size or do they run big/small for those of you who have Oh Deer shoes? I'm a 5.5 in almost every shoe, even Louboutin's. I'm contemplating whether to get a size 6 in an Oh deer shoe from

    Any suggestions or anyone have experience with returns with


    also, i forgot to ask, do OH deers even go as low as size 6?
  2. I bought 2 pairs and I had to go up 1/2 a size. I ended up returning both. I would suggest you get your Oh Deers from or They have free overnight shipping and they have the BEST return policy
  3. your dog is so cute!!! is he a pomeranian?? =)

    Anywho, they don't have the color i'm looking for @ endless or Zappos =( only did you return them and then bought the correct size? what size are you usually if you don't mind me asking?

    thanks for your help !
  4. Haha yes he is. Thank you.

    I returned them because they were too tight and uncomfortable. I wear a 6. Are you looking for the beige Pralines? I think one of the tPF members mentioned that she had to go up 1 whole size and it was still too tight? Maybe you should try out the 6.5 on If they don't work out, you could always return em. Free return shipping! Plus its free overnight.
  5. Wait, so you are a true 5.5 and you got the louboutin camel decollete 868 in a 5.5 as well?
  6. i'm actually looking for the chloe red patent slingbacks everywhere else only has black & i went ahead and ordered the ones from overstock...i was reading their return policy and it looked pretty good =) plus it was only $48.00!!! that's like 50% off! you can't beat that! hehe. oh and free shipping too..i think only $1.00 =)
  7. Oh the chloes! That was the one I ordered in black! Haha. Yea $48 is a deal! I had to go up 1/2 a size in those
  8. I went half size up, they fit good, not to big. They are very comfy IMO. You can also get them from their website, they also have free shipping and free returns I think. Good luck!
  9. will definately post pics when i get them =) Thanks ladies =) Hopefully they aren't gonna be too big...i usually never go up a size but 6 was all they had! ah well =)

    THanks again!
  10. YES I am a true 5.5 AND THE CL Decollete's FIT PERFECTLY =) if i would've gotten a 6 then the louboutins would've been slipping off my heels! crazy huh!
  11. That IS crazy! I got the camel decolletes yesterday and I need a 7 in those!
  12. I bought my Oh Deers 1/2 size up and they fit fine. They likely would have even been fine a full size up, but they aren't terribly tight the way they are.
  13. you did! congrats! where did you get them? Just today I wore them to work and I noticed a "slice" on the side of my looks like the tip of a knife just cut the leather !!! it split it so i'm kind of sad about that =( I have only worn them twice! *sigh*
    how is the return policy on the shoe?
  14. I was ordering something else but he shipped me the wrong shoe. I got em at Saks.
    Oh that sucks... Well unless it's a defect I don't think they will accept it.
  15. Be sure to post pics when you get the right size! =)