how are hype handbags? good quality?

  1. they seem decently priced and i often see good deals..but are they of decent quality? thanks@!
  2. I have two Hype handbags..both leather and both are good quality. I toted one of them around consistently for a year and it still looks great. I think Hype makes some nice stylish bags at a good price and the quality of the leather and craftmanship is good. I think there are quite a few ladies on tpf that have purchased Hype handbags as of late and were pleased with them.
  3. Hype bags have good leather. They can take a good amount of wear and tear I think. The leather feels good to the touch as well and they have cute and fun styles in lots of colors so there's a good range out there.
  4. I love my Hype bag mine is beat up at this point and you would never know its about 3 years old. :yahoo:

  5. Love the pop color!