How and Why?!?!?!

  1. What the hell happened to this poor bag!!!! That makes me so sad!
  2. Well, at least she's being honest about it and letting folks cancel bids. Poor bag....*sniff*.

  3. :shocked: Who in the world would bid $145 on that mess? That's sad.
  4. poor carly :sad:
  5. Actually, it's bull crap! If the bidders retract their bids they get cancellation strikes against them! She, the seller, should have canceled all of the bids and relisted the bag with the proper condition noted.
  6. Did the bag get in a knife fight ?
  7. I'm with you mokoni! Who would pay that much?????? At least she is honest, but the bidders are dingy!!!!
  8. OMG! Those are huge tears right in the middle of the bag and she's still asking $145 or more???? Well, at least she's giving the option of canceling your bid. Unbeliveable.
  9. The people bidding on it think that they can send it in for a repair then get a credit...
  10. Me thinks Coach's lifetime warranty doesn't cover something like this... :p
  11. Wow, I know some people really want a carly, but you can find one that hasn't been shredded for around that same price if you looked. Poor bag:crybaby: That is nice to see an honest seller though :yes:
  12. I know! That's what I was thinking! Poooooor pooor carly.....lets have a moment of silence for her......I'm kinda wondering how you would do that to your bag.
  13. I don't think so either but I'm guessing that is what the bidders are thinking