How about "The Purse Hospital" sticky or subforum?

  1. ...for those of us who have suffered from the devastating unexpected spill, stain, broken grommet, etc...posts could include designer contacts for repairs, recommended specialty repair shops, tips on certain types of stains, waterproofing and leather care, etc.? :shrugs:
  2. VERY cool idea!!! :yes:
  3. That would be great!
  4. I love this idea! I have a LV that needs a small transplant right now and I'm dreading the verdict at the LV boutique.
  5. That's a wonderful (and adorable) idea! We always have tons of posts on this topic =)
  6. great idea!
  7. Very good idea!
  8. :smile: That sounds great!
  9. Yup, this is a great idea!
  10. Great idea- I had an American Girl doll when I was younger and her leg (or arm- I can't remember) broke, and you sent it to a doll hospital and it came back in a gown with a get well soon balloon. It was so cute. I think that if we had this, it would solve alot of peoples problems.