House rabbits??

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  1. I wasn't aware that some people let their pet rabbits run all over thier houses like dogs or cats, I thought they had to live in cages. Does anyone do this? I think it would be so cute to have a little rabbit running around the house!
  2. lol

    My friend has litter box-trained her rabbit, so it runs around the house but goes back to poop in its box. I don't know how she did it, but she did :roflmfao:
  3. LOL my son had rabbits, they lived outside.
  4. he best friend lets her rabbit run around inside in a fenced area...
  5. I used to have a friend that did that but not all the time, most of the time it was loose was kinda weird tho cus I was scared of it lol! But it was really cute too:smile:
  6. We have a rabbit. He lives in a cage inside the house. He is litter trained, has a litter box in his cage. Rabbits need exercise and we let him out for 2-3 hours at night. He runs all over the family room, jumps on our laps and just wants to play. He hits you like a cat to get your attention. He plays with his toys. He loves to be held and his face petted, he usually falls asleep in your arms when you do this. I think our rabbit is like a cat..... He does run around in the other rooms, he likes to run up stairs in the family room and then goes thru the hall and comes down the front stairs in the entrance. You really can't let a rabbit have the run of the house. They like to chew and any electric cords would be something they would want to eat. They also need the security of their cage. Ours has a little plastic house that you put bedding in-think fluff. He digs in it and sleeps in the house. He likes to sit on the perch on top of his house. He has a lot of toys in his cage. They are fun pets and a lot less work than a cat or dog.
  7. I used to have a rabbit. I used to let her run around the apartment, but I had trouble potty training her, so I had to put her in a cage. My rabbit was kinda antisocial. It took her 6 months before she would let me pet her.
  8. I have a house rabbit. I bought him when I arrived in Italy. We do not have carpet in our apartment instead we have tile floors. I decided to let him be a house rabbit since I did not have to worry about him chewing carpet that we will have to pay for. He has his own big bedroom he stays in. I put a small carpet , cat scratch post thing with a hiding space, chew toys stuffed animals cardboard boxes etc... in the room to keep him occupied.

    When I brought him home I put him in his room with a litter box full of hay. I noticed where he went to the bathroom and moved the litterbox to that corner. It only took about a week for him to start using it. I then gradually let him explore the apartment. He runs around anout 100mph slamming into objects and walls that get in his way and jumps in the air and twitches and he will jump on our laps if we are on the sofa or chairs. He marks everything in the house with his chin. A common rabbit behavior. I have to watch him though becuase a few times he has been sneaky and chewed through the phone wire or clothes laying around. He just loved chewing the paper off our christmas presents. I am hoping he will outgrow this when he gets a little older. He is a teenager now. I love him to death! I even put youtube videos up of him playing with our neighbors dog and just jumping around lol.
  9. I am the biggest advocate of the house bunny! (See my avatar? I even let my bunny around my LV!) My bunny is the best bunny ever. His name is Evander and he has never lived in a cage, even when he was a tiny baby. I used to put him in a laundry basket at night when he was little just so he wouldn't get lost in the middle of the night but eventually he learned to jump out of it!

    I did the same thing as ItalianFashion regarding the litterboxes. Sometimes he is bad but 99% of the time he uses his litterboxes properly. It is beneficial to put lots of hay in the litterbox so the bunny will stay in there and use it, plus it is healthy for them to munch on hay whenever they want.

    Also, my rabbit is neutered so that he doesn't get excessively "friendly" if you know what I mean! I had an un-neutered rabbit and he was really annoying when he was "in the mood"! My bunny is very gentle and friendly and he likes it when I kiss his nose over and over. He thinks that it's normal for people to kiss his nose and he will even give kisses in return (licks on the nose)! He also licks my hands.

    My bf built him a bunny condo made of an old entertainment stand. It has ramps for him to climb up and levels for him to sit on. He likes to sleep in there and I've noticed that he's never gone to the bathroom in his condo!

    There are so many cool things that rabbits do when they're not confined in cages. Plus they are incredibly smart - you'd be surprised! I love my bunny soooooooooo much and I'm sure you would love having a house bunny too!
  10. My cousin has a house bunny, and she's just a doll! She's quite agressive with the cat though, and they have to watch out for that. Litter training was no problem and she's fine. Only thing is keep a watch on them while you're cleaning the tray out, as they will go in the same spot whether the tray is there or not! She is hilarious though, because in the evenings, she lays out flat, front and back legs out straight, right in front of the telly!

    One thing about house bunnies, electric cables. The current is higher here and in the UK than the US, and I had a friend a few years back that had a house bunny who chewed an electric cable and not only blew up the telly, but electricuted himself. Something to be aware of.

    Good luck!

  11. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but make sure if you let your rabbit in the house, that he or she is supervised and that anything you do not want him to chew is out of the way or covered up. I put vinyl tubing around all of the electric cords I could not hide or move out of reach so the rabbits would not chew them. Rabbits are very easy to litterbox train since they like putting their mess in a spot away from whatever else they are doing.
    Oh, and if you have carpet, make sure the rabbit is not chewing on it. They love carpet, but it is not good for them.
    This is Hershey having a well deserved rest after making a mess of my living room. This was taken before I removed the carpeting and put in the wood floors.
  12. Everyone's stories are so cute! It makes me want a bunny of my own, but I already have a kitty that hops like a bunny so it's good enough for me :nuts:
  13. i have three house bunnies. my first one lives @ my parent's home and has had free range of the house since he was a baby. he is completely litter trained and i'm thankful he doesn't chew on things. he's a darling and always has to be around people.

    i have two that live with me, they have free range of the basement and are allowed to come up in the main and top floors when i am around, they are also trained, but one has a chewing problem.

    i love bunnies! if you raise them with lots of affection and tlc, they can be more of a companion than a dog or cat.
  14. I have 6 bunnies and 2 of them live inside! They are so cute and playful. Everytime someone new comes over they go through a couple of reactions. First they're shocked to see bunnies inside, then they become totally obsessed with watching my bunnies because most people don't know how silly they are and how much personality they have!!

    My bunnies are pretty well trained, they know when food time is and they know what areas they are not allowed to go on (hard wood floors = no no!) they stay in the family room and sometimes venture onto the couches. We set 2 different towels down (one in front of the fireplace and one under the window) and that is where they "flop" :p ....

    Sorry in advance for all the pictures... and again sorry that they're so big :push:





  15. I've had two bunnies, now its down to one :sad:
    Theyve always had their own bedroom in the house with their cages, toys and box houses all over the room. We let my bunny 'Baby' run around the second story in the house once a day, other than that she's in her room with the baby gate up. I can't imagine keeping rabbits locked up all the time, they need room to run and play.

    So yeah, rabbits are the most adorable animals and its really true that they can be the greatest companion if you raise them with the love and attention they need.