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  1. Hello
    My DH and I are going to NYC Sept 7-10. I booked a room using Hotwire. I picked a 3* @ $150 a night in Times Square and I got The Paramount Hotel. At first I was happy until I started reading all the HORRIBLE reviews on Yahoo. The biggest complaint was the size of the rooms. So I am going in expecting a room the size of a shoe box. My question is... Is anyone familiar with the Paramount Hotel. Should I try to find somewhere else to stay and just eat the money I already paid since Hotwire is non-refundable or should I just go for it and stay there. Or does anyone know if there is a way of getting a refund from Hotwire? Is that even possible?

    Also is there anything I MUST do when I am there. I plan on taking a bus out to Woodbury Commons one day. We are seeing Rent on Broadway. I have been to NY twice before and we did the Red Bus thing around the city so we don't need to do that again. The last 2 times we were there we went for Springsteen Concerts so that took up most of our time when we were there.
  2. Hey, don't worry too much! You are going to love your hotel!!! It will be tiny, but what do you care? You are going to spend the majority of your time exploring, shopping and drinking over-priced cocktails at city's hottest spots!!!

    Besides, a great hotel is at least $400 a night -- spend that cash on something you really want like towards a new bag.

    Trust long as you have a shower that works you will be fine.
  3. UPDATE: I just called Hotwire and the operator read some of the reviews and was like OMG!!! Yes we can cancel your reservation. They do not want to be associated with places that have bedbugs and are filthy. Now back to looking for a new place to stay.
  4. OMG -- Bedbugs...that is a definite cancel situation. EW. gross!!!!
  5. Bedbugs have been a SERIOUS problem in NYC. Be sure to vacuum your bags when you get home, no matter how clean the hotel looks.

    As far as what you *must* do, is there anything that caught your eye the last time that you'd like to approach further? Everything is pretty much a *must* do, if you know what I mean- it's NYC! Narrowing it down would help or else I could write an entire thread on this topic alone. :flowers:

    You could also do a search for past threads, since many TPFers have asked this question at one point or another, in case any of the posters here miss something.
  6. eww bedbugs?? :wtf:

    How about the W Hotel or the Millennium Hotel by the WTC. I've never stayed in a hotel in NY since i'm from here but I've heard the W is a great hotel. I don't know of any othere about going to and looking up hotels...they also have customer reviews and you can also check for reviews for which ever hotels you decide to pick.

    I also recommend Wicked as another play you should see.
  7. I signed up for weekly email deals. Right now all the good deals end 4 days before I get there.

    I just found the Sheraton that is not to badly priced and it is right near Time Square. If you buy 2 nights you get the 3rd free. The reviews have been mixed but more on the plosive side than the neg. side. The only thing that is keeping me from booking it right now is it is non-refundable. After my last experience I got lucky and was able to cancel I won't be able to this time. The operator said the buy 2 get the 3rd night free is an on-going offer so I think I will wait a few more weeks and see if anything else better comes up before I commit myself to something else that is non-refundable.
  8. I stayed at the Paramount in October last year and it was okay. Yes the room was small but a lot of rooms in NY hotels are small - it's how they maximize their profits in a crowded city. Me and my BF had to work around each other a little but actually we were in "NEW YORK!" so spent most of the time out. It was clean and I had no problems with bed bugs, however the room itself was a touch shabby but not so bad I had a problem.It was a great location, really central to stuff and cheap for NY so it was fine for us. I had some really nice room service food too, the reception staff weren't exactly overflowing with the service ethic but again I didn't need to deal with them much.
  9. My bf and I stayed at the Four Points Sheraton in March, and it was great. The room was a little small, but really clean, and nicely done. The staff there were friendly, and there's free internet. The location in Chelsea was also really convenient and close to a lot of things. I'd definitely recommend the hotel.
  10. This is the one I am probably going to book at

    Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers »
    811 7th Avenue on 53rd Street · New York, New York

    Has anyone stayed here? If so what did you think of it?