Hot starbucks all over the bottom of my mono Riveting!!!!!

  1. OMG
    ok last week when i went to starbucks i knocked the table by accident and this huge mug of Latte went over the base of my Mono riveting!
    and it didn't look too bad i used the some tissues to try and save my baby!
    but then today i looked at my bag and it had all white stains on the vachette on the bottom corner!
    I don't know what to do!
    The leather is still very pale so i don't want to ruin it:crybaby:
    Please can some one help me!!!!!:sad:
    I didn't want to use anything on it until i got some opinions on it cause i didn't want to ruin it!
  2. Would a Magic Eraser do any good? It tends to clean almost anything off of anything, it may be alot drier afterwards though but you could give it a go.
  3. I would take it to LV and ask them for help...they can give you some suggestions....
    Sorry about your poor bag !!
  4. maybe pics would help

    Babywipes can help even out watermarks/stains but it will darken the vachetta slightly
  5. based off the other threads on TPF, baby wipes and mr. magic eraser might work.
  6. Try magic eraser. It works wonders!
  7. I have no idea but I am so sorry about your bag. I had a near miss with a grande latte two days ago
  8. Thanks everyone!
    i'm so scared to clean it with anything :sad:
    Heres a picture:
  9. hmm... I know what you mean but as its pale anyway I think the eraser wouldn't really lighten it any more.. I used the eraser on my bag last night and the handles are much lighter. To be honest.. trying anything will be better than what you have now :smile:

    Let us know what you decide..
    p.s the magic eraser is by JML, you are in the UK right?

  10. ^ Yep i'm in the UK,
    I will head down to get the magic eraser on tuesday since everythings closed tomorow!
    So i'm guessing they sell this at boots right?
    Cause they sell JML stuff i think.
    Thanks so much!
    Hopefully it will work :smile:
  11. wow I never realised mr clean & the jml one are the same if boots don't have it try woolworths they do a lot jml
  12. Awww Kaie...I am so sorry that happened :sad: I hope Magic Eraser works for you!!!!
  13. Magic easer would be good.
  14. If it doesn't come out, maybe you should try darkening the patina to hide it.
  15. OMG how terrible. I hope eraser works.